What is the Difference Between Casual and Formal Wear?

Maybe, this is a question that women often ask. Now, I will give my thoughts.

Casual wear refers to the clothes we use for everyday wear. This style emphasises on comfort, relaxation, and informality. It includes a wide range of clothes and styles. Casual dressing gives first place to personal expression and comfort over formality and conformity.

Formal wear refers to clothing that is suitable for formal events such as ceremonial events, weddings, balls, formal dinners, etc. Formal wear is nowadays mostly worn at formal dances, high school prom dances, and entertainment industry award programs.

Although most people associate black tie with formal wear, the satirically proper dress code for formal wear is white tie for evening and morning dress for daytime. Women are supposed to wear ball gowns or formal evening (floor length) gowns. Uniforms such as formal military uniforms, law court dress, academic and graduate dress are also considered as formal wear.

Casual vs Formal

Casual is everyday wear.

Formal wear is worn for formal events.


Casual wear is worn for informal and relaxed occasions such as trips, shopping, meeting friends, etc.

Formal wear is worn for formal events such as ceremonial events, weddings, state dinners, etc.


Casual wear includes jeans, tee-shirts, skirts, summer dresses, hoodies, etc.

Silk Round Neck Printed Dress Wear to Work

Formal wear includes dress shirts, dress coats, ties, trousers, long evening gowns, wedding guest dresses, etc.

Grey Sleeveless Lace Applique Tulle Party Dress


Sneakers, loafers, slippers, and sandals are worn for casual wear.

High-quality shoes are worn for formal wear.

Women Chic Sequins Toe Closed High Heels Shoes


Materials such as cotton, jersey, denim, polyester and flannel are used to make casual wear clothing.

Materials such as satin, velvet, silk, brocade, etc. are used to make formal wear clothing.


Casual wear will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Formal wear can make you feel unique and elegant.

Do you think so?

What a Perfect Bodycon Dress Matters

Nothing speaks sensuality and sexipile better than a curve-hugging, elegant dress. Depending on your personal style, you may dress it up or down – but one thing is sure – you’ll definitely be the one everyone is turning their heads after.

The problem with body-con dresses though is that, if you take it too far, you are running the risk of looking cheap and vulgar, endangering your fashion image and overall style. Anything that’s too short, too revealing, too colorful, too printed, too… well, too anything, won’t be working to your advantage. A tight dress should be chosen in a way it flatters your body shape and size, with the ability to hide all parts of the body that are giving you anxiety and reveal those other parts you want flaunted. Just look perfect with fashion 2019 new dresses.

To help you avoid being pinned epithets like vulgar and like-she-bought-it-at-Primark, let’s talk shapes and hemlines and see what bodycons are all about.

Sexy Blue-Silver Sequins Elegant Cocktail Party Dress

Height matters

Your curve-hugging dress must be picked out after your height. If you are a 5 ft 8 inch girl (or taller), with the legs up to your neck and hips to kill for, you’d be absolutely okay wearing any length of a dress. Long-legged (slim) girls are in advantage when it comes to tight clothes as they can pull off virtually any cut and style, heel or flat shoe. However, if you are a 5 ft 1 inch pocket Venus, you’ll want to re-think anything that’s hitting the middle of your calf as this length will instantly make you look stumpier, shorter and decidedly more grandmother (not to mention you’ll look at least 10 pounds heavier). Instead, either opt for a knee or mini length skirt that will show off the leg symmetrically without you risking an unfortunate fashion faux pas.

New Sexy Halter Blue-Silver Sequins Party Prom Dress

Curves are killing it

Thanks for making it possible for all the curvy girls out there to flaunt their curves and still be extremely desirable! Tall or short, you may wear your tight ankle-length pencil skirt or dress and show the world what you’ve got. To achieve a slightly taller look, opt for a heel; the heel will help lift the bum up and give your body posture.

Body shape dictates it

The same dress will look absolutely different on two girls with different body shapes. This is why, when you are choosing your tight attire, know what your body is like. If you are already curvy, throwing a jacket or a coat over will make the perfect balance, but – if you you’ve got a banana built and you are hoping to get some curve, opt for a mermaid cut that will visually work on giving your body a Kim K line. Belting up (or going for the upper waist) the waist is always a great idea for all the girls who are looking to achieve or emphasize that hourglass shape.

Sequin Spaghetti Gold Party Cocktail Evening Dress

Shapewear is saving it

Regardless of their size, all girls who are wearing their body-cons must have good shapewear in their wardrobe. High-quality ones are made with materials good for the skin and they give the body support in all the right places. Body shapers are saving the day with the thicker girls, too as they are smoothing out even the smallest of bumps and making the body look banging.

Lengths you want to know about

Miniskirts and mini dresses work perfectly for long legged girls. As for short girls – be encouraged to wear a heel if you are opting for something shorter.

Sexy Black Sequins Night Party Cocktail Dress

A few inches above the knee is the most versatile option and it agrees with girls of almost any size. Wear them with flats or heels, day or night. To visually elongate and slim down the leg/calf, make sure you are tanned right.

Knee length is the most conservative yet the most worn hemline of the bunch. If you don’t feel like your legs are your best asset, stay away from this look. Rather, take the hemline a few inches down or up because bodycon midi dresses do tend to add a little extra.

Maxi bodycon dresses work for every single girl out there. Simply beautiful.

Make it as a wedding guest dress, summer graduation dress, etc. It will show much infininity on you.

Trendy Bridesmaid Dresses for Wedding

For wedding, chic bridesmaid dresses are needed. Bridesmaid dresses are a hot topic for our lovely brides-to-be! They make such an impact on the overall look to the wedding day and most importantly, your girls are so important that you want them to feel as beautiful as they really are!

Bright Pink Beaded Cute Cocktail Party Dress

Coral Off Shoulder Beaded Women's Prom Dress

Elegant A Line Sleeveless Grey Chiffon Evening Dress

V-Cut Tulle Bridesmaid Dress Evening Dress

Latest Grey Sexy Lace Evening Dress

No matter sexy feeling bridesmaid dresses, with off the shoulder or strapless neckline, or short dress, you can easily find out the attractive pattern and dress. With rich color and fashion design, every dress will create a different look on your bridesmaids.

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Sexy V Cut Prom Evening Dresses for Formal Occasions

For formal occasions, you will need a suitable dress. This article, i will list some evening dresses with v neckline to much more sexy feelings. See them in the following.

1. deep v cut sleeveless burgundy sequin prom dress

Elegant Deep V-Cut Burgundy-Gold Sequins Party Dress

2. sleeveless v cut blue prom dress

Blue Sparkly V Cut Beaded Women Evening Dresses

3. elegant sleeveless v cut red evening dress

Red Beaded waistline Plunging V Neck Formal Prom Dress

4. sparky v cut beaded evening dress in light green

Sparkly V Cut Beaded Women Evening Dresses

5. popular v cut long sleeves lace evening dress

Bluish Grey Sexy Deep V-neck Embroidered Lace Formal Gown

6. new cap sleeves v neck lace evening dress

New Cap Sleeves V-Neck Prom Gown Evening Dress

7. fashion gold-brown formal gown

New Fashion Gold-Brown Shiny Formal Evening Dress

8. sleeveless grey prom dress v neck

New Grey Classic V Cut Prom Evening Dress

9. sleeveless v cut beige evening dress with slit

Sexy V- Cut Halter Women Evening Party Dress

10. sleeveless v cut blue evening prom dress

Fancy Blue Occasion Evening Dress for Women

11. sleeveless mermaid v cut evening dress


12. sleeveless v cut pink slit evening dress

Sleeveless Pink Plunging V Neck Embroidery Casual Dress

How about these v cut dresses?

Do you love one of them?

Choose one for your formal occasions.

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Several New Flower Girl Dresses to Wedding or Birthday Events

When you buy a dress for your little girl for a special occasion, you can search online for flower girl dresses. They are rich in styles, colors and prices to meet your needs.

Flower girls add much glee to a wedding entourage. While these little girls look so adorable down the aisle, these little girls usher the way of the brides with flower petals. Little girls deserve the best dress for the wedding day. I’d like my flower girl to have a say in the outfit she wears come wedding , so I’ve started to gather options that are fit for a princess.

1. half sleeves short flower girl dress with lace appliques

It shows loveliness well with light pink color and high quality appliques decorated on the dress.

Princess A-line Wedding Flower Girl Dress

2. beautiful off the shoulder pink dress with colorful flowers decorated.

This dress is loved by most little girls will make them a princess definitely. It has another cute styles, just as picture shows, the high low design is also super to make a girlish and fashion look. Which on do you love better?

Pink Flower Applique Little Girl Dress

Princess Off Shoulder Flower Girl Dress

3. short sleeves pure white wedding dress for kids girls

This dress features not only illusion round neck and long puffy skirt, creating a fairy look. For perform and wedding, this dress is great. Do you think so?

High Quality Wedding Flower Girl Dress

4. off the shoulder high low wedding dress with red decoration

Take a look at this amazing wedding flower girl dress. Imagine the look when your little girl wear it. For weddings, it will beyond our expectation.

Bow-knot Children Wedding Flower Girl Dress

5. short tulle blue cocktail dress with three-dimension lace appliques

This dress adds much loveliness on little girls. The color is beautiful and suitable for summer occasions. The illusion neckline and puffy fairy sleeves is definitely the highlight of it. Wear it at summer occasions.

6. beautiful long cap sleeves sapphire flower girl dress

This sapphire dress is nice itself, suitable for wedding occasions. Lead your girls fashion look with it.

Navy Blue Cap Sleeves Flower Girl Dress

7. half sleeves short girlish perform dress

Different from other fairy flower girl dresses, this dress has unique red plaid top and tulle white skirt, versatile to not only wedding, but also summer holidays.

High Neck Wedding Flower Girl Dress

8. long sleeves v cut short coral flower girl dress

As you can see, this coral dress is bright and beautiful on girls. It is also popular to summer days. With delicate embroideries, this cute dress will attract many people’s eyes.

Cute Pink Little Girl Wedding Flower Girl Dress

9. princess layered skirt cap sleeves girl dress

Look special and formal with such flower girl dress, perform dress. Choose the dress for your daughter.

 Princess High Neck Children Wedding Flower Girl Dress

Any dress has unique features and feelings. Select the beloved dress for your girl’s wedding or birthday, perform occasions. Create a princess look with one of these dresses, including more classic dresses at eDressit new collection.

Ways to Find a Graduation Dress

Anyone who’s worked through tough classes for years knows how important graduation day is. While you take pictures with loved ones and stand proudly with your classmates, your graduation dress can be just as important. You may be wondering how to find the perfect dress for such a memorable day, but don’t know where to start. By knowing graduation dress basics, complementing your body and keeping the occasion in mind, you can shine as you shake hands with teachers and professors.

Elegant Red Beaded Prom Evening Dress


Party 1: Figuring Out the Basics

1. Look at dress codes.

Some schools may prohibit strapless or spaghetti strapped dresses. If this is the case, don’t look for graduation dresses that would violate the dress code. Check with a teacher, professor or prior graduate, if you’re unsure of where to find a handbook.

2. Pick the right fabric for the season.

  • If you graduate in the spring, you may not want to wear a wool, sweater dress. Besides that, you may get toasty in the graduation auditorium with loads of people. Cotton, silk and rayon are all light weight fabrics good for spring. If you happen to be graduating in the fall, choose thick cotton or cotton blends, which will still breathe under your robe.
  • Linen is a great fabric for extra hot humid months, because of its superior breathability.
  • Wool is great in cold weather, because it will insulate yet breathe.

Elegant Strapless Sweetheart Beige Ball Gown Formal Dress

3. Decide on a budget.

You will find a huge variety of places to shop for dresses. This includes everywhere from discount chain stores to specialty boutiques that sell wedding dresses too. You can find the right dress no matter where you shop, but keeping your budget in mind can help narrow down the playing field. Remember that different department stores have different prices.

  • Look at discount stores, like Forever 21 or some online shops, such as eDressit, tbdress, if your budget falls below one-hundred dollars.
  • You can look in department stores, if you have a budget of up to three-hundred dollars.
  • Boutique dress shops are for when money is no object.

4. Choose the right length.

Most dresses are going to look best right above or below the knee on graduation day. If you happen to have a formal dinner or celebration after the ceremony, you may look at longer dresses, but make sure they are not too long. You wouldn’t want to trip on your way to the stage.

Grey OFF Shoulder Lace Women Party Ball Dress

 5. Compliment the color of your cap and gown.

Keep your graduation colors in mind as you shop for dresses. Just because most of it will be covered, doesn’t mean hemlines or necklines can’t peek out. Choose a color that will match your school colors, so it will look nice in pictures and with or without the robe on. Do not wear a hot pink dress with an orange cap.

6. Match your dress to your shoes.

In all actuality, it will be your shoes that will be seen the most on your walk to stage. Pick your shoes out first and match your dress to them. Make sure you can walk comfortably and match not only the color of your dress, but the style to them. Wedges may match with a light-colored, flirty dress, while black, leather pumps may be better with a sheath dress.

Women's Sparkling Glitter High Heel Closed Toe Pumps Shoes


Party 2: Shopping for the Perfect Dress

1. Start the hunt early.

Don’t stress yourself out by shopping for a graduation dress at the last minute. Start looking as soon as you can, preferably a few months ahead of time. You’ll be able to weigh your options, stay on budget, and find one that perfectly flatters you.

2. Take along a trusted friend or relative for opinions.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on important things like a graduation dress on your own. A close friend or relative can tell you what looks good and what doesn’t. Use your own judgement first, but they can point things out about fit and colors you may not normally notice.

Take along fellow graduates, if you can. This will prevent you from choosing the same dress.

3. Consider online options.

Online dress shops often have a wide selection. Use filters to narrow down your choices. Filter by choices like style, cut, print, length, or occasion. Some online shops even have selections specifically for graduation day. Review the return policy before you buy in case you don’t like a dress, after you try it on.

4. Find the right print and color.

The time of year you graduate is going to play an important part in choosing a print and color. Light-colored floral dresses are appropriate in the spring, while dark gingham is more appropriate in the fall. This is just a guideline though! Let your personal style show through above all else.

Long Halter Printed Summer Dress Holiday Dress

 Sexy Mermaid Printed Dress Summer Wear

5. Remember you’ll be in front of family and teachers.

Flatter your figure to your heart’s delight, but remember too much body hugging fabric may be inappropriate on graduation day. Skip the clubwear and opt for a semi-formal or casual dress that is cute, yet leaves room for the imagination.

6. Remember the after party.

Graduation day rarely includes just a graduation ceremony. You will probably at least go to dinner with close friends and family. Wear a summer dress for an outdoor graduation party, or a dress you can take out on the town to dance the night away.

Party 3: Choosing the Best Style

Sparkly Sequins V Cut Beaded Cocktail Dress

1. Flatter your figure.

The style of dress you decide on is going to have a lot to do with what looks good on your body type. You can minimize areas you’re self conscious about, or emphasize parts of your body you’re proud of. Show off your hourglass figure with a belted or cinched waist. Choose an empire waist, if you want your dress to flow loosely around a mid-section.

  • Play up curves with ruched fabric around the bust and hips.
  • Down-play your bottom half with a dress fitted from the waist up and flared out below it.
  • Offset broad shoulders by wearing an A-line dress that flares out slightly at the waist.

2. Choose a neckline.

Necklines of dresses come in as much variety as the cut. If you have special jewelry for graduation day, like your grandmother’s pearl necklace, you definitely need to decide on a neckline. You may want a scalloped or v-neck to show it off. Choose no neckline at all with a strapless dress and wear a statement necklace.

  • Go conservative with a high neckline.
  • A little cleavage is fine, but don’t go overboard

Capped Sleeves Embroidered Applique Party Dress

Sexy Sleeves Beaded Bodice Party Prom Dress

3. Show off your personality.

The best way to feel good in what you’re wearing is by showing off your style and personality. Be feminine with ruffles and bows. Be chic in something simple and dark. Be glamorous with touches of sparkle or sequins. Wearing a dress that helps express your individual style will keep you glowing on graduation day.

4. Alter your dress.

Sometimes you may find the perfect dress, but need the waist or bust taken in. The fit of a dress is important. Make sure you go to a well reviewed seamstress for measurements and alterations. They can put the final touches on a dress to help you feel your best.

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What Is the Best Kind of Wedding Dress for a Woman With Long Legs?

If you are the woman has long legs, you will be interested in this question. Know this answer you should know your own body figure well, as it affect a lot to form a perfect look.

See the following info at first to find out the bride dress you fit.

Apple, or inverted triangle

This body shape describes a person who has broader shoulders and bust than they do hips.

Banana, straight, or rectangle

This body shape describes a person who typically has waist measurements that are less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurements.

Pear, spoon, bell, or triangle

This body shape describes a person who has hip measurements greater than their bust measurements.

Hourglass, X shape, triangles opposing, or facing inwards

This body shape (typically presented as the “ideal”) describes a person with hip and bust measurements nearly equal in size, with a narrower waist measurement.

When you know which body figure you are in, you can freely choose fashion dresses for wedding in that style.

For apple, or inverted triangle body shape, we recommend choosing an a-line dress or dress with voluminous skirt to balance your figure.


Sleeveless Sweetheart Wedding Dress Reception Dress

 A-line wedding dress is also great for pear and rectangle figures. You can choose sleeveless or halter dress to showcase slender shoulders.

Charming Halter White Beaded Bridal Gown

If you have an hourglass figure, mermaid or trumpet wedding dress is recommended.

 Cap Sleeves Sweetheart Neck Bridal Dress Floor Length

 Sleeveless White Lace Appliques Bridal Gown

 Cap Sleeves White Lace Appliques Wedding Dress

 Choose ball gowns to have a princess look if you have a slender figure and long legs. They will make you different and lovely.

Off Shoulder Champagne Embroidery Party Ball Dress

Sexy Gold Sequins Off-Shoulder Party Evening Gown

 So, choose right wedding dress accordingly.

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