Classic Mermaid Wedding Dresses You May Love

Light Champagne Floral Party Wedding Dress

eDressit Light Champagne Floral Party Wedding Dress

Those mermaid wedding dresses will wrap your body tightly, and gradually spread the hem into a fishtail. The fishtail skirt highlights the elegant lines of women, and the right cut can show the bride’s slender body shape. Look like an elegant and romantic mermaid, you can become a very pretty bride with mermaid wedding dresses.

For women, it is a good opportunity to show off your body. There is no limit to height, and suitable for both fat and thin girls, as long as there is no obvious belly. If you want to be a perfect little fairy, then you must try the fishtail wedding dress. Compared with the big skirt, such fishtail mermaid wedding dress is more elegant and noble.

Online stores like eDressit offers a variety of fantasy dresses, creating a romantic world for the bride. Also, many new fairy prom dresses with v neck, lace embroidery and long sleeves, elegant mother of the bride dresses are all available. Find one exquisite wedding dress or prom gown for your events.

Off the Shoulder Mermaid Long Train Prom Dress

The design of the fishtail not only makes the bride look fresher and more natural, but also calls for the bride’s love for her body curves.




Do you love to wear mermaid wedding dress at your wedding?

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Different dresses, different looks.
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Perfect Flower Girl Dress in Best Price

It cares a lot to choose a perfect dress for little girl. They love to be a princess. So, for a wedding or prom, you should buy her a beautiful princess skirt dress or lovely dress to meet her satisfaction.

In eDressit, here are diverse types and colors to be selected. No only these girls dresses, but also formal evening dresses, shoes, or accessories can be founded. With stylish designs and super quality, beautiful girl dresses from eDressit are best in price.

Princess Ball Types
With princess skirt, such dresses are attractive. Just as you can see, exquisite flower girl dresses are impressive for wedding, prom and perform.​


Short Chic Girl Dress
If you want your little girl look chic and sassy, then try these short girl dress.
You can find round neck, lace embroidery dresses.


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For your occasions, these prom dresses can create a different figure.

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New Princess Ball Dress for Flower Girls

For your daughter, you want to give her everything. Just as we’re a child, your girl must want to have a princess look and wear. So, why not choose a princess ball dress for her?

We have some recommendations:

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Green Empire Lace Long Wedding Flower Girl Dress

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Embroidery Long Sleeves Wedding Flower Girl Dress

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Elegant Long Train Wedding Flower Girl Dress

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Handmande Flora Children Wedding Flower Girl Dress

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Sheer Top Multi-layer Wedding Flower Girl Dress

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Chic Empire Pink Girls Wedding Ball Dress

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Green Empire Long Wedding Flower Girl Dress

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More flower girl dresses are available, including long sleeves white dresses, chic cocktail dresses and other lovely dresses.

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Best Tips for Choosing an Evening Dress

Do you want to learn the best tips for choosing the right evening dress for your next outing?

Choosing the right evening dress could be quite confusing for many ladies.

There is the challenge of picking something that matches your taste and fits you perfectly. Sometimes, there is also the challenge of picking the right color, fit and length of gown for every occasion you have.

In the past, evening dresses were worn to events like dinners which were mostly done in the evenings. However, today, evening dresses can be worn to a wider range of exquisite and formal events whether during the day or during the evenings.

Evening dresses, also known as evening gowns, are usually long and flowing and while they could be long, they could also be knee-length or even ankle length.

If you have a formal event coming up and you need an evening gown, there are a number of things that you will need to know and put into place to look the best way you can.

This is why we have put together a list of the top tips that would help you in choosing the right evening dress.

sexy v cut overlace evening dress prom gown

The Event

One of the factors you must put into consideration while you’re either shopping or searching for an evening gown to wear to that event is the type of event it is. Events could be either casual or formal and your outfit should correspond with whichever it is. So, do a little research if you do not know much about the occasion yet. Is it a simple event? Is it a glamorous one? Is it a formal one? Or just a casual one. You don’t want to be looking out of place by wearing a simple, ordinary dress to a glamorous event or by wearing an exquisite of flashy one to a simple, evening outing. Try long sleeves dresses and off the shoulder dresses for fashion.

Elegant A Line Sleeveless Grey Chiffon Evening Dress

 red off the shoulder prom evening gown


Less Is Sometimes More

While choosing the right gown for you, you will need to remember that simplicity is key. The great thing about evening gowns is that whether they’re for casual or formal or alluring, they can be simple while still being appropriate for the event. You should focus on picking an outfit that places the focus on you as a whole and not on a particular part of your cloth. When you focus on simplicity, you can be sure to win the hearts of people at the event, look beautiful and stylish and also keep being on the minds of the people who see you.


As with general outfits, you need to pick a gown with a color which matches your skin tone. Those pink evening dresses, blue evening dresses and grey dresses are great for diverse occasions. A beautiful gown whose color does not match your skin color could come across as off and also make you look off. For example, if you are dark-skinned, you might want to stay away from very bright colors like orange or lemon. Many ladies prefer to wear black gowns as they fit people of different tones. However, you can still look your best by getting any gown right while considering your skin color as well.

Body Shape

While you might really love a particular dress, you must realize that what is more important is knowing and considering your body shape before choosing or wearing a dress. As a rule of thumb, you should wear only dresses that enhance your commendable body features and hide, as much as possible, the parts that may not be so desirable. There are different types of body shapes and corresponding dresses that fit them. If you are quite unsure as to what kind of evening gown would suit you perfectly, you could stick with V-neckline gowns or A-line dresses. They are always fashionable and can fit anybody.

Sleeveless Green Embroidery Ball Gown Formal Dress

 Elegant Sleeveless Lace Purple Formal Dress Evening Dress

 Elegant One Shoulder Pink Party Bridesmaid DresseDressit V-Cut Bodice Sexy Navy Blue Lace Dress Ball Gown

Your Accessories

It is not enough to simply dress and wear just about any kind of accessories. Accessories can make you look extremely beautiful when worn appropriately and could also make your outfit be a turn off when not worn appropriately. If your gown is flashy or elaborate and has a lot of noticeable or evident details, you should dress it down with simple accessories. On the other hand, if your gown is quite plain and simple, you should dress it up with elaborate accessories to ensure you don’t look plain or ordinary for your event. Choosing the right accessories includes your necklace, bangles, earrings, clutches or purses and even belts.

Testing Your Gown

If you are going to be wearing a gown that you have had for a month or more, you should do well to wear it about a week before your event. This would help you know if it’s perfect for your event or if you need to make some adjustments or change the dress entirely. If you have put on a few pounds, your outfit might be too tight and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you have lost a few pounds, you might need to take in your dress so you don’t look too small and out of place in the dress.

With these tips at the back of your mind, we are sure that you will definitely know how to choose the right evening dress for your next exquisite event.

Come to this collection 2019 new dresses for new fashion types.

And you can also find dresses for mothers, and dresses for little girls.

Don’t hesitate to buy one if you find the exact dress you love.

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Ways to Solve Dress Code Dilemma

Don’t panic. Everyone knows that dressing for a holiday party can be more stressful than hosting one. Deciphering a dress code that feels more like Morse code has the potential to suck all the cookie-gorging, Champagne-guzzling, all-night-caroling fun right out of an evening. But I’m here to restore order to soiree season. From semi-formal party wear to the new wrap dress here’s what to wear to solve the dress code dilemma.

Let’s start with the basics. Not sure what attire the occasion calls for? When in doubt, always assume it’s cocktail-appropriate. Although a basic black dress would suffice, why not take the opportunity to toss caution to the wind and reach for a color instead?

Elegant Blue Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

 Embroidery Lace Top Cocktail Dress

A black-tie invitation is reason enough to bust out the big guns. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it! If the thought of a formal, floor-length gown triggers heart palpitations, opt for an embellished number instead. Why not choose those A-line, mermaid or sheath bold dresses. They are effective to showcase one’s personality.

Dark Blue Strapless Evening Dress

 Persian Blue Sleeveless Long Maternity Prom Dress

 Sleeveless Green Embroidery Ball Gown Formal Dress

 Burgundy Lace Appliques slit Prom Evening Dress

Strapless Sweetheart Mint Bridesmaid Dress Evening Dress

Elegant Off-shoulder Ruched Mermaid Evening Dress

Many styles for women.

And also many styles for little girls.

A princess like dress is what a girl like. White wedding dress is definitely suitable for wedding flower girls. But thoese pink, yellow, grey, lavender, blue, or even black dresses are specially designed for girls’ performance. So, here are flower girl dresses.

Handmande Flora Children Wedding Flower Girl Dress


For more dress looks and fashion styles, click 2019 new arrivals.