Valentine Cocktail Dress – New Chic Look

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner how much you care – but it’s also a reason to dress up with a gorgeous new piece of jewelry and an elegant or chic dress. Whether you’re in a serious relationship or going on a first date, you’re going to want to look your best once Cupid’s arrow strikes. eDressit new chic cocktail dresses sure to impress.

eDressit doesn’t skimp on the variety. Their selection boasts an impressive and trendy array of styles and colors including lace cocktail dresses, little black dresses, vintage tea length dresses, etc. Wear accessories, high heels and other accessories to complete your Valentine’s day look.

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Do These 3 Things After Engaged

Congratulations, you are engaged. You found the one live with you life long. However, to finally finish it, you need to plan in advance.

It can be stressful just figuring out where to begin, and the pressure starts to build as people begin asking you details about your nuptials. You just know you have a sparkly new ring and the prince on your arm! Here are the top three things to do when you get engaged to get the ball rolling toward the perfect wedding.

1. Choose Your Length of Engagement

Some brides can plan a wedding in a few months while others take what seems a few years. Many times brides have a set month in which they’ve always dreamed of getting married. If you dream of a summer wedding and get engaged at Christmas, you can still have the summer wedding, but be ready to be pressed for time just a bit. Some couples want an entire year to plan and don’t care about the exact month. Decide together the best date and best length of time for you. Some brides are master planners while others drag their feet. Dragging feet doesn’t work with a short engagement. Booking vendors and venues, as well as letting guests have a good amount of time to plan their trips to the wedding, takes time.

You might need:

wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, dresses for mother of the bride

2. Set a Budget

Setting a budget can be very stressful, but everything stems from that budget. You cannot begin to plan with venues and vendors without knowing how much you can spend on those things.

Figure out who is contributing and how much, and then set out your budget spreadsheet. This is can be a difficult discussion with some families, but it must be done so that you have realistic expectations.

3. Create a Guest List

The guest list can get out of control quickly. You start with just family, and then start thinking if you invite this person you have to invite that person… suddenly you’re inviting co-workers and their spouses, neighbors, friends, etc. Decide how many people fit within your budget and how many people you really want at your special day. Some couples just want family surrounding them, while others want to make their weddings the party of the year. Also, Decide if you want to include children because once you open the door for people to bring kiddos, you might forget some friends have multiple children. Make a rough list and analyze it. You may have to cut some people due to budget restrictions.

One great way to approach this is by thinking of your holiday card list. If you send out holiday cards each year, those are probably the same people you want at your wedding. You can even start from this list and add people as you go if the budget permits.

The guest list can be as big or small as you wish, but remember you are paying for each person there and you will need to spend time with each person there.

These are the most important things to do once you get engaged so you don’t get overwhelmed and lose sight of what really matters at the heart of all the lists and stresses. The most important thing is you are marrying your best friend and you get to plan the perfect day for the two of you. Each couple is different, so each list might be different. Hold tight to what truly matters and get started planning.

Ok, one thing is a must for you to be a beautiful bride – wedding dress. Give 2 months for you to select or custom made. If you want an easier and more reliable recommendation, is there for you.


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How to Choose a Perfect Prom Dress

A formal event needs the right attire. For girls and women, it’s the perfect time to dress in gorgeous formal gown and stun the crowds at the special event. As school prom dance is around the corner, here are some perfect formal dress tips for prom and other formal events, so you can dress appropriately and beautifully.

When getting ready to look for the perfect formal dress, it is important to understand that not all dresses will be equally flattering on your body. In fact, there are a variety of dress styles for you to choose from, and each type of evening prom dress is designed to look especially great on certain body shapes and heights. In case you are looking for your perfect formal dress for prom, keep these tips in mind. If you are a petite girl, you may want a dress that helps you to appear taller. Pick a shorter prom dress or one that is long and fitted to create the illusion of height. Also, an asymmetric hemline prom dress can be flattering to your body type. Or choose:

2017 cocktail dresses with lace appliques

If you are tall, consider choosing a dress that will show off long legs or has a lovely, flowing skirt.

Pick a dress color that suits your skin tone and hair color as well as any accessories you might use. Wearing a certain color can help bring out your best features, so try different colors and see which suits you best.

If you are curvy, a ball gown style prom dress can be quite flattering. You might want to flaunt your curves or hide them, so choose a dress accordingly. If you want to emphasize curves, wear a more fitted prom dress, like a sheath, or mermaid formal dress style. To hide curves, an a-line dresses or ball gowns can do the job. To be gorgeous with A-line prom dresses with lace appliques

If you have a slender body, you may want to pick a formal dress that better accentuates curves. Choosing a prom dress that is a bit fuller in the skirt can help add shape. You may want a formal dress that draws attention to your sleek silhouette.

Also take necklines into consideration. Some necklines accentuate shoulders, arms, chest, back, or neck. Try different styles to figure out what works best with your body and the dress as a whole. Now, off shoulder prom dresses A-line are popular.

Whether you are involved in prom, wedding or other formal events, you definitely want to look your best at the party. Keep in mind with these useful fashion tips when picking your formal dress for the coming event. Attending a formal event is always fun and exciting. So choose a right style to flatter your body shape and look elegant on your special day!

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Dress This Way for Light Chubby Girls

Dress This Way for Slight Chubby Girls

Like me, build micro-fat body girls who always admire fitted body shape, but have no courage to lose weight, it is so terrible. I am preferred to look more beautiful with some useful dressing tips. To girls who have podgy upper body, especially girls with fat arms, prom dresses with off the shoulder neckline or puff sleeves are better choice than others. Recommend: off shoulder party dress

2. To girls who have plump lower body, think about different length of prom dresses. If you have fat thigh but slim shank, choose prom dresses around knee length; choose ankle length or full length prom dress;

3. Umbrella tea length prom dresses with high heels, you look slimmer and taller.

4. To girls who build micro-fat all body shape, with light color of upper and deep color of lower to aim ocular skinny.

You don’t need to think about plus size prom dresses, just do with these tips, you are a well fitted girl too.

See more classy dresses: off shoulder prom dresses A-line

Get Glitzy in Sequin Prom Dresses Long

Glittering sequins and beads are definitely staples for party girls in this prom season! Get glitzy for the holiday parties and weddings in an ultra-feminine sequin prom dress!

Take date night to higher grounds in a glitzy mini designed to cause a commotion! Features a striking sweetheart, v neck or round neckline, glittering shining sequin all over the dress, a beautifully gathered flattering skirt to finish. Pair with silver high heels and you will have a great time ever! your glitz on in a pretty dress designed for all your most memorable celebrations! Highly suggest: sequin long formal dresses. Features a sparkling sequin bodice, graceful sweetheart or v-neck neckline to the flattering skirt, it is always a good choice for any elegant event! girly tiered skirt teamed with a subtle sweetheart neckline, thousands of sparkling sequin pieces covering the bodice, it’s a perfect dress for holiday parties, as well as your prom formals next year. Pair with nude pumps and a glitzy clutch, and you are ready to go!

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beaded blue long evening dresses | A-line prom dresses with lace appliques | off shoulder prom dresses A-line

Another party-perfect dress! The ruffle skirt with the ruched sequin bodice, is definitely a way to catch attention! glitz sequin party dresses listed are not only for prom parties, but also perfect for your holiday and wedding occasions. If you are struggling with your prom dress ideas, how about dazzle in a glittering sequin dress?

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Wear Fashion Prom Dresses to Prom Night

Sometimes, prom dresses say a lot more than you imagined. Right prom dresses can elevate one’s personality taste and make you fashion. Prom night is usually the highlight of any young woman’s schooling life, but it can also be one of the most stressful events of the calendar – especially when it comes to deciding on the perfect prom dress!

Among the tidal wave of emotions and decisions on who to attend the prom with and who to dance with on the night is the ultimate freak-out of “what do I wear!!”

Literally thousands of girls each year come undone at the thought of prom night in a desperate flurry to have everything perfect in order to make it a night they will never forget. The prom dress is the most important aspect of the night, and can possibly be the biggest decision a young girl makes in her schooling years!

Getting prom dress ready can be made so much simpler if you choose eDressit. it helps to make sure that your prom or formal is everything that you dreamed of!

Suggest: 2017 knee length party dresses , A-line prom dresses with lace appliques , long blue off shoulder prom dresses if you need an elegant, chic, lovely and also charming look.

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