New Prom Dresses Show Off Your Personality

Every girl dreams of being noble and elegant. Dresses will help.

A-line dresses are classic prom dresses for girls. They can highlight the waistline and also hide the belly, thign, creating the fashion looks.

Mermaid evening dresses are popular now. They show off women’s nice figures and curves. With different necklines, embellishments, mermaid prom dresses are really powerful.

Vintage tea length dresses will realize your dream of being the princess. They are both elegant, gorgeous and sexy, charming. Such dresses are suitable for various occasions, including wedding, prom, dating, graduation, etc. You need to prepare one in your wardrobe. Let them make you different.

Even mothers, can be very charming and elegant. Whenever you wear lace, elegant dresses, you can be unique and fashionable. At wedding occasions, mother of the bride dresses will make them the most beautiful mothers. Catch up with the trend! You will love them.

Be fashion and noble with new arrival prom dresses here. Your fashion, our pasison.


These Aspects Should Be Considered When Buying Cocktail Dresses

If you’ve received an invitation for a wedding, an important event or a big party don’t worry thinking about what to wear, a spectacular cocktail dress is just what you need. the most sophisticated long gowns and of the freshest mini dresses, we find the cocktail dresses, a protocol dress for women at certain events. They are very smart and stylish garments that enhance the figure of all women who wear it. If you have not found yours, check out this article and discover how to choose a cocktail dress that suits you perfectly, success is guaranteed!


The cocktail dress, which is characterized by its knee-length cut, or a few inches above or below it, can serve to as an elegant outfit at a special event, fancy party or important meeting. There are all kinds of models and designs of cocktail dresses so you must find the one that best suits your figure and makes you look great. Recommend:

2017 knee length party dresses , off shoulder prom dresses A-line


Browse fashion catalogues, magazines or websites where you will find the current trends in cocktail dresses to get an idea and define the style of dress you would like to wear. Then check out some shops or boutiques to see how well those dresses suit you and see if they fit your needs. You can also make the purchase, if you prefer, online , although it will be a little risky especially if you do not have much time to make returns.

Now, fashion tea length prom dresses are trendy.


Know clearly your own body type. Know how to choose a perfect cocktail dress for your figure.


The material of the dress is a factor you should think in terms of the location and date the event takes place. For events that take place in summer, we recommend wearing lace, tulle, satin, linen or cotton, while in winter you can opt for wool or brocades.

Never drop your personal style when choosing a cocktail dress. There are sundresses, sleeveless, strapless or, more sophisticated dresses, with long or three quarter sleeves, there are many options to choose from to reflect your tastes and personality. Still, some of the events for which we carry these items require certain protocol standards so it is better avoid plunging necklines both on the front and the back as well as dresses that are too ornate and extravagant.


Find out what the colours of the season are to be trendy and wear a cocktail dress that stands out. You have to choose between plain dresses, two coloured dresses, embossed dresses, dresses with rhinestones, etc. The traditional white or black dress is a safe bet, but if you want where a splash of colour to the event, choose colours like red, soft pink or blue, they are very fashionable and look great in spring or summer.

Complete your cocktail dress with accessories such as jewellery and, of course, a handbag. Ideally, bring a small bag that attracts attention and contrasts well with the colour of the dress. A type that is succeeding among celebrities for this type of event is the box clutch, a rigid and square clutch that is available in many colours and designs.


Shoes can also take the call when it comes to a cocktail dress outfit. If you are wearing a dress with more than one color we suggest choosing your clutch and high heeled shoes in the same color so they match one of the colors of your dress.

But if your dress only has one color, you can risk it and go wild with some statements shoes so all the eyes focus on your gorgeous heels!

Have a big cocktail dresses selection at eDressit. You will finally find one dress fit you best.

Tips to Choose Perfect Cocktail Dress for Your Body

To choose the perfect cocktail dress to suit your body shape you need to think of the parts of your body that you would like to highlight and which, by contrast, you want to hide such as your belly, chest, hips, etc. So you can choose different necklines, different waists, different fits etc…

If you are pear shaped and want to hide your waist, choose a strapless dress to focus the attention on your shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, go for a neck-tied dress with a bit of cleavage. What’s most important is to wear an A shaped dress. You can choose from: 2017 cocktail dresses with lace appliquesoff shoulder prom dresses A-line

If you are an inverted triangle, i.e big top and slender hips, the best thing to do is go for a V necked dress or A-shaped top part so we can focus on the bottom, which we can enhance with plaited lines and volume to create an hourglass figure.

If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure and have proportionate waist and top, you can go for tighter cuts, you can even show off your cleavage slightly and avoid high neck lines.

If you have a rectangular figure, or hardly any curves, you should try to create them with the type of dress we choose. Peplum waists are great for this figure, as well as focusing on your waist to give your figure more definition, so go for a two-piece or one with a belt-like waist.

Last but not least, apple shaped women should go to more draping styles that can hide the extra bulge around the middle such as wrap dresses, as these can also enhance the bust area.

When you find out the dress fit you best, you can know how amazing you can be. The most important part of looking great is feeling confident and sure of yourself! Remember how you look and feel is the same as how others see you. For more classy dresses, I suggest EDRESSIT.

Deserve to look:

long evening dresses with 3/4 sleeves

long A line dress with sleeves

How to Dress Yourself Formal Party Dresses

Finding a party dress that’s beautiful, elegant and fashionable is very easy considering the number of styles that are available these days in shops. What’s hard, is to find the dress that best suits your figure, that highlights the most attractive parts of your body and goes well with your personal style. First off, recommend 2017 new arrival dresses to women.


Pear body shape. Women with this body type are characterised by having narrow, thin shoulders, with wider hips, as well as and buttocks and legs that also tend to be quite bulky.

To compensate for this imbalance, ideally opt for light, flowing party dresses that aren’t too tight at the waist, so you conceal the width of the hips. In this sense, empire waist dresses are the best choice. The draped part of the chest will make the shoulders look wider, while the loose part of the skirt hides your curves. Similarly, strapless empire waist dresses are great for pear shaped figures. This kind of dresses are perfect for any occasion, including weddings and baby showers.


Inverted triangle body shape. This body shape is the opposite to the above: the upper body is wider than the lower body. That is, this body shape is characterised by broad shoulders, a large chest and thin hips and legs.

In this case, it’s advisable to choose a party dress that draws attention to the hips and conceals the width of the shoulders. Opt for dresses that have a simple top with vertical lines and include any type of decoration or design on the skirt, which are now very fashionable.


Hourglass body shape. This body shape has shoulders and hips that are almost the same proportion, a narrow waist and well-defined curves. Lucky women who have this body shape can look great in almost any type of dress, including: beaded blue mermaid prom dresses , A-line prom dresses with lace appliques

Ideally for bodies that are well proportioned, to highlight the curves and visually enhance the figure with dresses that are semi tight-fitting to accentuate the waist. Get creative with this style and opt for bare shoulders, patterned dresses, shiny fabrics, etc.


Apple body shape. This body type is characterised by having a rounded shape, but with thin arms and legs and an undefined waist.

To avoid focusing on the torso, party dresses that aren’t too tight are preferable, nor are patterns with large or bold prints. Light dresses and plain colours are great for women with a round shaped body. Maxi dresses worn with heels are also a good option as they elongate the figure. Dresses with vertical lines are also appropriate for this body shape.


Rectangle body shape. The rectangular silhouette has a very straight shape with the same shoulder width as the hips and with a slightly wider waist. In addition, women with this body type usually have a small chest.

When choosing a party dress, the goal is try to create curves and enhance the figure with print dresses and fine fabrics that provide volume. They look great in dresses that are fitted on the top but with a filmy skirt, as well as belted dresses that add more volume.

Know clearly your own body figure and choose the most fitted dress for yourself.

Recommend to you:

2017 mermaid prom dresses

long evening dresses with 3/4 sleeves

long A line dress with sleeves

Guides for Purchasing Christmas Dresses for Women

Are you one of those women that gets overwhelmed every year right around Christmas season? If you are the average busy person who has to multi-task to manage their daily life from driving the kids around, preparing for dinner, toggling laundry, paying bills and managing a career, than your answer is probablyyes. Speaking for myself, I have to be on top of my schedule without any sick days or breaks in order tofulfill my daily schedule. At the same time, we also have to prepare for all the holiday events. Kids usually love holiday events especially Christmas which comes around so fast every year and takes so muchpreparation and planning. From finding the perfect Christmas dresses for women to getting the gifts purchased and wrapped in time. I mean you can’t walk down an isle in literally and no be bombarded with Christmas decorations before thanksgiving is over!

Suggest: short prom dress , cocktail party dresses , evening prom dresses

 Okay, enough of mommy nagging!! Christmas is actually my favorite time of the year. Most of all, I love Christmas morning when the girls open their gifts and if there is a pretty Christmas dress in one, they are ecstatic. Nowadays, I enjoy finding the perfect Christmas dresses for my girls and myself which wasn’t always easy. Over theyears I’ve discovered some ideas for finding the perfect Christmas dresses, including A-line prom dresses, little black dresses. Thanks to the internet, thereare so much more joy during the Christmas seasoning now that I can do my research and purchase most it. As a result, I came up with the following quick guide to find the perfect Christmas dress for women:

1. Purchase early: one of the many perks of buying online is the option to purchase early from online merchants. Most online Christmas dress stores provide such great selections early on or throughout the year that one can purchase their Christmas dresses at any time. You don’t have to be limited to the busiest times of the year to make your purchase from crowded malls or superstores which by the way run out of sizes quickly. Shopping early on also provides plenty of time for exchanges and returns.

2. Buy online: there are numerous perks to purchasing Christmas dresses online: Larger selection of styles and color combinations to choose from including matching head pieces and sashes. Fast and easy delivery. Designer prom, dating, holiday dresses for a fraction of retail cost at department stores. Low prices and special offers all year round.

3. Comfort: look for rich fabrics like velvet dresses that are fully lined so there is no itchy scratchiness. Choose a zipper back that’s soft and can easily be worn. If you live in a cold climate a fully lined dress can add warmth as well.

4. Design: find a fashion dress store. Fashion design shows your taste and modern look. So, you need to follow the trend.

Hope it helps. If you want a recommendation, eDressit is ideal.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Sale

Catch your chance to find out the Christmas wear you need. To us all, Christmas day is a time for celebration. You should wear something more formal, stunning and different to highlight the special day. For women, suggest: little black dresses, 2017 new arrival dresses, A-line prom dresses

Here is a sale to save your money and create the gorgeous looks.

Here is the Rules & Conditions:

1. From 20th Dec. 04:00 to 31st Dec. 24:00(Berlin Time), There are so many Bestseller Dresses for sale “20% OFF & Extra 10%OFF on 2+ Items”, please stay tuned.

2. Placed order should be paid in 24 hours after the promotion ends, or the system would cancel the order automatically.

3. Coupons and points cannot be used for this deal(Except for newsletter exclusive coupon).

4. reserves all the final rights of interpretation.

When we prepare the decoration of our homes, gardens with lights, Christmas tree and much more, we need to consider what we wear on that day. It is common to organize a special meal, often consisting of turkey and a lot of other festive foods, for family or friends and exchange gifts with them. The dresses are better gift choices for them, always.

Long Sleeves Formal Party Dresses

Long sleeves formal party dresses are kinds of elegant and fashion wears for women. With great desgin, long sleeves prom dresses are more charming and gorgeous. They are also popular winter wears at wedding and other occasions. Lace sleeves long will make a glamour look. So, long sleeves formal party dresses are really welcomed.

Here are suggested dresses:

Elegant Long Sleeves Illusion Neck Long Formal Evening Dress

Emit your elegance and feminine beauty in this long lace prom dress. In this gorgeous gown you will captivate the crowds with your right-of-the-red-carpet style and sheer sophistication! The illusion neckline, lace sleeves and tulle skirt are breathtaking elements that you must showcase at this year’s prom party!

eDressit Long Sleeves Beaded Bodice Red Prom Dress

Romance them when you arrive to your prom in this gorgeous red formal dress! Showcase your beauty and figure with these note-worthy details: beaded empire waistline and long sleeves, stylish button decoration on the back, along with a flowing long skirt! Complete your look with a sparkling clutch, wear it for your prom, graduation or any other stylish event!

Long Sleeves Blue Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

Sophisticated and stunning, this long sleeves mother of the bride dress makes a statement in floral texture along with its scalloped edges. This dress is a must from day to night.

eDressit Blue Long Sleeves Applique Evening Prom Gown

The bodice and beautifully adorned illusion part of the upper body expose its sexy feminine look all the time. Step up your style game in this gorgeous evening gown and be the spotlight at your next party!

V Neck Long Sleeves Mother of the Bride Dress

The loved sheer long sleeves adorned with beautiful applique details at cuffs which is inline with waist decoration makes the whole dress looks good. The smooth texture ruffle skirt flows effortlessly to the floor and gives you a long lean silhouette for your big night!

Beaded Bodice Long Sleeves Prom Dress Graduation Dress

Shinning bodice, embellished long sleeves and long trumpet skirt, how could you not fall in love with this elite black formal dress? Everything about this dress is so beautiful and stylish. The heavily beaded bodice is the focal point of this dress! Complete this gorgeous prom dress with some matching accessories!

Long Lace Sleeves Tea Length Black Cocktail Dress

Rock your party with this vintage black little black dresses! It has lovely features including long lace sleeves, beautiful illusion neckline, a figure-flattering satin waistband together with a tulle tea length skirt. Pair it with the right heels to complete your look.

Choose your fave long sleeves formal party dress for party.