Floral Dresses Highlight Your Femininity

Beautiful floral evening dresses are special for party. With flowers added on the dress, you can be more attractive and outstanding, as flowers are the symbols of beauty and temperament that will surely make you stunning. Enjoy these floral evening dresses in the following:

Vintage Strapless Embroidered Beige Ball Gown


With the flowers on bodice, waist and skirt, the dress is simple elegant and fashion. It is amazing to show women’s personality. So, have it in your wardrobe for vintage and formal parties.

One Shoulder Embroidered Blue Evening Dress



This blue dress has a special exotic fashion sense that contains gorgeousness and craze. Exquisite details are what can show your infinite noble sense. This hot style is great for any occasion whether it’s for prom, homecoming or evens as a guest of wedding dress. Features of this dress includes a flowing sash, illusion embroidered design, and beautiful ruffles covering the whole dress.

Illusion Sweetheart Neck Two Piece black prom dress


This breathtaking black dress will have you turning heads at your prom. With its on-trend two-piece style, this dress is an absolute must-have! Other design features include the beaded lace applique decoration together with chic Polka Dot accent. This dress is a perfect state-making choice for any special occasion!

Floral One Shoulder Red Evening Dress


Add much sense of liveliness with this red floral one shoulder evening dress online. It is also a bridesmaid dress to make the wedding unique. The bold color and the modest design can express your elegance in a best way!

Off Shoulder Black Tea Length Dress Party Dress


For a touch of sassy meets sophistication you’ll adore this vintage tea length dress – a totally chic addition to your party wardrobe. Features include a small v cut on the neck, off shoulder style together with a flower embroidery on the skirt. Use the petticoat to adds a more flattering look.

These floral dresses are super in everything. So, what’s your decision?


Match Your Dress With Hairstyles to Create Perfect Look

Ladies, prom season is upon us. With about a month left to make plans for the big night, now’s the time to start finalizing your look for the occasion. Besides finding the dress and the date (whether it be your boyfriend or  your best friend), your prom night hairstyle is one of the most important elements to think about. The look you choose to show on prom night will be immortalized, so it’s important to take the necessary measures for choosing the best dress and hairstyle possible.

In an effort to make things easier on you, we’ve put together a guide for how to select your prom dresses to your hairstyle for the evening. Avoid the mistake of wearing a one shoulder dress with side-swept waves or a ball gown with pin straight hair with our dresses and tresses match up. Of course, beauty trends aside, it’s most important that you feel comfortable and beautiful on prom night.

Loose, Romantic Updo + Lace Dress. With a lace dress, keeping your hairstyle romantic takes it from a dress to an ensemble. You can go for a loose, wavy updo with tons of shine and the overall look is ideal for prom

Fishtail Braid + Halter Dress. Prom is not the time to be afraid of hair extensions, so if your hair isn’t long enough to get this high fishtail braid ponytail combination style, pair your halter dress with a healthy dose of fake ponytail to get the look.

Fake Wavy Lob + Deep V-Neck Dress. To balance out material on your shoulders, style your hair into a fake long bob with tons of waves, parted to the side. Goth glam look is completed with a deep burgundy lip, a huge makeup trend for spring.

Side-swept Waves + Mermaid Dress. Take a note out of the playbook and pair a body conscious mermaid dress with the side-swept waves hairstyle that dominated the red carpet during awards season.

Chignon Hairstyle + Thin, Strappy Dress. There are few dresses more feminine than a chiffon dress with thin straps, so to complete your romantic look, opt for a low, ladylike chignon.

Bombshell Waves + Backless Dress. With a “business in the front, party in the back” dress, it’s good to keep hair simple, yet sultry. The dress is backless and her voluminous waves make a statement without going overboard.

Giant Ballerina Bun + One-Shouldered Gown. When your gown’s focus is on the shoulder, keep your hair off of your neck to keep the spotlight on the one shoulder prom dress with a high and giant ballerina bun.

Sleek Ponytail + Turtleneck Gown. With a turtleneck gown, pull your hair into a sleek ponytail to make your neck the center of attention.

Pumped Up Ponytail + Sweetheart Neckline. Whether your sweetheart neckline is on a ball gown or a sleek floor length dress, a pumped up ponytail like Sarah Hyland’s makes the look rocker chic and elegant all at the same time.

Hope these tips will make. Good luck.

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Tips to Match Your Dress and Hairstyle

Seasons may change and fashion trends may evolve, but there’s one thing that remains constant–hairstyle. The best and only way for you to look your best every single time is to know the trick of how to match hair and evening dresses the right way. Once you know the tricks, you’ll never leave home feeling less confident about your look.

If you have a party, date or formal event coming up, the first thing to do is to find your dress. Don’t be fixated on what hair you want to wear, the dress should come first. Once you have a dress in mind and one that flatters your body, you can now start picking the hairstyle that you’ll wear.

Dress loud, Hair simple

When it comes to matching the dress and the hair, the key word to remember here is balance. If your dress has intricate details, stick to a simple hairstyle. On the other hand, if the dress is simple, go for a more elaborate hairstyle.

Remember that your dress is the show-stopper, not the hair. The hair is merely an accessory, just like the jewelry you wear or the bag you carry. The features of the dress should be highlighted and the hair should be more subtle. But if you plan to wear a plain sweetheart princess dress, you can always wear full bouncy locks to give your look a little oomph.

Dress high, Hair high

Another basis on how to choose your hairstyle is the neckline of the clothing or dress you are wearing. If your dress has a high neckline, you are better off wearing an updo. However, if the dress has a low-cut on the front or the back, you have the option to wear an updo or keep hair loose.

The thing is, are you wearing a low-cut prom dress online because you want to show off what you have? Or you simply like how it fits you? If you want to show off, then wear an updo, so that hair doesn’t get in the way of whatever it is you are accentuating. Now if you simply like the dress, wearing your hair loose will calm down the sexiness of the dress. Your choice.

What about a strapless or tube dress? This is also a case-to-case basis. Strapless dresses are perfect to highlight statement necklaces and if this is what you’re going for, pull your hair back or do an updo. However, if you don’t like to bare too much skin, wearing hair down is the best choice. It makes the entire look softer.

 For off-shoulder dresses, which is what I call halfway up and halfway down, the best hairstyle would be the half and half too. Half of the hair is up and half of the hair is loose.

Other Tips

A week before the event, wear the dress and wear the hair you like. Take photos of yourself and see how you’ll look. This way, you can also practice how to do your own hair without spending a lot of time during the event day itself.

Oh, and one more important thing, the most important thing to wear is your confidence. You must be confident in the dress you’re wearing and the hairstyle you picked. If any need of party dress, choose www.edressit.com

Choose a Fitted Bridesmaid Dress If You Are Plus-Sized

It is important to choose fitted bridesmaid dresses for wedding. If you are a plus size woman, you are requires you to think about proper measurements, a strap, empire waists, ruching and proper fabrics. Determine the best bridesmaid dress for a plus-sized woman with tips from a custom couture professional shop.

Before your customization, you need to select the wanted styles, colors and even the certain dress you want to wear. Of course, before the custom, you should check whether the current sizes meet your measurements. As with the dresses, eDressit will make the fashionable types and patterns. It offers group sale too. Recommend you blue bridesmaid dresses, convertible bridesmaid dresses .

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These Five Summer Dresses Are So Fashion

If you are looking for summer evening dresses now, take these five dresses into consideration. Personally, i think they are very fashion.

1. Sleeveless V Neck Lace Bodice Grey Formal Dress Evening Dress

Lovely features of this dress include a delicate lace bodice, sheer top in sexy v cut and a figure-flattering satin waistband. Style it with a bold jewelry and a clutch to add more shine.

2. Capped Sleeves Embroidered Applique Party Dress

Knee length party dress is so versatile for various party occasions, like Christmas party, proms, wedding party and many more. Rock your look with this lovely rosy brown party dress from eDressit. Stunning features of this dress include beaded embroidered applique bodice, sheer cap sleeves together with a flowing knee length skirt.

3. Sweet Peach Layered Tea Length Party Dress Cocktail Dress

I am IN LOVE with this dress! It’s so different from anything else that’s out there right now and it is absolutely perfect for the holiday season! It’s not too long, it’s not too short, it’s a classic tea-length. Tea-length dresses make for ideal holiday party dresses. Stunning features of this dress include a beautifully embroidered bodice together with beading accent, and a layered skirt finishes this dress beautifully. Wear it to celebrate the party!

4. Strapless Tea Length Red Cocktail Dress Party Dress

Add a princess touch in this gorgeous tea length prom dress! Stunning features of this dress include delicate lace embroidery covering the entire bodice and the dress hem, together with an embellished bow-knot on the waistline! Wear it for your prom or cocktail to get a latest look!

5. Sleeveless Black Lace Applique Cocktail Dress Party Dress

This fantastic party dress is all about simpleness and elegance! The eye-catching black lace applique accents the whole bodice which flows beautifully to the hips. The illusion and fancy asymmetrical skirt finishes this dress gorgeously. A pair of black or silver heels would match this dress perfectly.

This five new prom dresses for summer occasions are very powerful. Like it, buy it.

How to Store Your Evening Dress?

If you have an evening gown, you need to know how to store your evening dress well. Also, these ways are suitable for your other beautiful dressy clothes too. Nice attention and care will make them charming. Here, four important words in wardrobe organization and clothing strages solutions will be introduced.

Clean: First, have the evening dress professionally cleaned. Do not store any garment that have not been cleaned or any stains will become permanent.

Cool: Store your special clothes in a cool place where they won’t be exposed to humidity or heat.

Dark: Sunlight is not your dress’s best friend. Intense light will cause colors to fade and even damage delicate fabrics, so keep your dresses away from light.

Dry: Dampness promotes mold and mildew, so make sure you store your special wear in a dry area.

You can choose to store women formal dresses between box or hanger according to your closet system and space. If you have a closet system that accommodates long-hanging garments, then you can hang long dresses or suits. If you don’t have the space, then choose box storage where you can lay several garments on top of each other, but make sure you have space to put the box, and that you have plenty of acid-free tissue paper which helps to keep fabric from turning yellow.

All in all, an evening dress storage needs skills. If you don’t have a dress for evening night or prom party, you can visit eDressit for one any time you feel free.

Buy Summer Halter Dress for Your Special Occasions

Summer halter dress is popular. Formal halter evening dress, printed halter dresses are all available online with very modern styles. Time for you to prepare one.

A summer halter dress is usually made of soft, cool fabrics such as linen, cotton, and cotton blends. They can be purchased in both solid colors and prints. Halter style dresses that are designed for daywear are usually very casual, but they can be made more formal by adding a lightweight summer jacket or wrap. Some styles of halter dresses are designed as beachwear and are often made using large tropical prints.

In many cases, it may be necessary to wear a slip or petticoat underneath a summer halter dress, because the fabrics used are often semi-sheer. Semi-sheer describes a fabric that can be seen through in certain types of direct lighting. While the bodice of halter dresses is usually lined, only more expensive ones come with lining in the skirting.

Halter evening dresses are popular designs for both winter and summer evening wear. Evening wear fabrics for a summer halter dress might include lined chiffon and lightweight silks and satins. Winter gowns might be constructed of velvet, taffeta, or heavier silks. In many cases, the bodice of the gowns are embellished with embroidery or beading.

Fashion history seems to indicate that halter dresses first became popular during the 1940s. In the beginning, they were generally considered somewhat scandalous, and were only accepted as beach or evening wear. Since then, the design has become a standard in the fashion industry.

Looking for fashion halter special occasion dresses? Visit www.edressit.com