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Four Elements of Fashion Design You Need to Know

If you want to choose a classic dress affordable and competitive, you need to know where the emphasis should be. These four basic elements are really important for any garment. They will help women choose practical dresses and accessories.

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1. Silhouette

In other types of design, shape and form are considered elements; in fashion design, shape and form amount to the silhouette of a garment and/or a fashion accessory item. Popular silhouettes in fashion change over time. For example, in the early 1900s, the ideal silhouette consisted of a pigeon-breasted figure with the bust jutting forward and the hips thrust backward. In the 1920s, a boyish, flat-chested shape was favored. A garment’s shape or cut has a great deal to do with whether or not a particular clothing item flatters the person who is wearing it. Today’s most desirable silhouette is an hourglass shape.

2. Texture

Texture is another element of fashion design. Fabric or other materials, such as trims and findings for clothing and accessories, can have a variety of textures, all of which can affect the look of a garment or fashion accessory. The weave and texture of a fabric have an impact on the way it drapes, which, in turn, affects the way a garment looks when it is worn.

3. Color
Color is very important in fashion design, and there are many different color schemes that work well. A quilter’s color wheel shows compatible color combinations and can be useful when a woman is trying to determine if certain separates or accessories will go with others in her wardrobe. In fashion, neutral colors play a big role because they can be worn with anything, making them good wardrobe-building colors. Dark colors can make a woman look thinner and thus look taller, a desirable effect for petite women. Because of differences in complexion and hair color, some colors will flatter certain women and not others. To make this design element work hard, a woman should know and wear her most flattering colors, and avoid colors that don’t look good on her.

4. Line
There are many instances of lines in fashion design. The creation of a garment means that there will be seam lines to hold fabric sections together, the outline of a garment’s silhouette is another line, and lines in the fabric, which make up various patterns, must also be considered. Lines in any of these cases can be straight or curved. Seam lines and lines in patterns that run vertically will flatter a petite woman more than horizontal lines. Asymmetrical lines, such as chevron-striped fabric in a garment can also be flattering to a short woman, depending on their placement.

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A-line prom dresses with lace appliques

2017 cocktail dresses with lace appliques

beaded blue long evening dresses

These Guidelines Help Choose Wedding Dresses for Your Shape

Women have different figures should choose the right style wedding dresses. The guidelines below are just to give you a head start on your wedding dress shopping. If you love a dress, try it on. A dress you love will always look 20 times better on you than a dress you think you’re supposed to love! So while it’s important to consider your body type, it’s even more important to choose a dress you love over a dress you’re told to love.

These bridal gown features that usually work well for short brides, tall brides and everyone in between.

A-line: Flares out gently from the shoulder creating a subtle A shape.

Looks best on: Almost anyone.

Not so good on: Some A-lines have a very fitted top, which will not be comfortable for everyone — especially those with bigger busts.

Ball Gown: Fitted bodice with a full, bell-shaped, floor-length skirt. Usually reserved for more formal weddings.

Looks best on: Tall brides and brides who are heavier on bottom than on top.

Not so good on: Shorter brides can get overwhelmed by the full skirt. If you’re a shorter bride and you have your heart set on a ball gown, make sure to get it altered to fit you.

Empire waistlines:The empire waistline starts just below the bust and the rest of the dress drops straight down. The dress is not overly full.

Looks best on: Short-waisted women, tall thin women, heavy-set women with apple shapes — it will create a slimming affect.

Not so good on: Women who are fall somewhere in the middle of thin and curvy extremes.

Mermaid:Modern, sleek style hugs your body to the hips and then flares out at the knee.

Looks best on: Tall women and shapely, curvy women with hourglass or petite figures. Suggest formal dresses:  beaded blue mermaid prom dresses, hot mermaid dresses

Not so good on: If there are any parts of your figure that you like to minimize, this is not the dress for you. If your ceremony requires kneeling, this dress may not work for you either.

Princess: Not as close-fitting than a mermaid or sheath, the bodice has vertical panels of fabric and then the skirt flares out gently — an elegant style.

Looks best on: Almost everyone.

Not so good on: It’s a classic, feminine look that may not suit everyone’s taste.

Sheath: Modern, sleek and simple style that hugs all your curves.

Looks best on: Very tall or very petite brides or brides with an hour glass figure.

Not so good on: Short-waisted brides, full-figured brides, brides that are heavier on top than on bottom.

Slip: An elegant style, usually made of satin that clings to your body — think old-school Hollywood glamour.

Looks best on: Thinner women with small chests.

Not so good on: Hourglass shapes — it could drown your curves and make them look awkward where a dress in the mermaid-style gown will bring the best out in your curves.

Bustle:Not a dress shape, but a helpful term to know.

A dress with a bustle allows you to gather up some of the excess material or train at the back of the dress after the ceremony. This is great for dancing and celebrating at your reception.

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2017 Blue Evening Prom Dresses Under $180

Fall in love with 2017 blue long evening dresses or short dresses. The delicate details, super fabric and fashion designs will create you the elegant look. See their wonderful deduce below.

1. Blue Scallop Neckline Lace Prom Evening Dress

This Goddess piece with lace scallop edge features sumptuous bodice and delicated lace pattern. Plunging back and pleated skirt add to the perfect amount of feminine. Style it with a statement heels for a glamorous look.

2. Blue Sweetheart Prom Gown with Lace and Beads

Sure to be a showstopper dress, featuring with a delicate lace embroidery and bead detailing. Chiffon style with a pleated and ethereal skirt. Retro lace-up back with an elastic band for an easy fit. Pair with simple heels and statement jewelry.

3. Long Sleeves Blue Plunging V Neck Lace Dress

Elegance should never be outdated, which is why we’re smitten with this eDressit 2017 Collection dress. Features, like sexy plunging v neck, lace appliques and flowing skirt, put it high on our list of chic dresses.

4.Spaghetti Straps Sweetheart Blue Lace Dress

Flaunted lace bodice may steal the show on this dress, not less than spaghetti straps, bold back and mermaid skirt. This floor-skimming dress exposes loads of elegance and feminine on this look.

5. Sleeveless Blue Sewn Beads Neckline Prom Dress

Delicate details make this gown the one for your holiday wardrobe. Featuring sewn beads neckline and keyhole on the bodice, this floor-skimming dress is a statement of elegance.

6. Blue Mermaid Evening Dress with Lace Appliques

A playful balance between daring and demure achieved on the conservative neckline and bold back. Featuring with fitted bodice, lace appliques and mermaid skirt.

7. Long Sleeves Overlace Blue Prom Dress

Formal glamour comes to spotlight in this straight neckline evening gown, featuring lace appliques cast on the sweetheart bodice, high-profile waist chain and elegant mermaid details.

8. Blue Sweetheart Formal Gown with Lace Appliques

For the modern romantic, this elegant mermaid dress captivates with its striking navy hue and figure-flattering silhouette. Sweetheart neckline and lace appliques overlaid on the bodice compose a right amount of female charm.

9. Long Sleeves Blue Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

Sophisticated and stunning, this long sleeves mother of the bride dress makes a statement in floral texture along with its scalloped edges. This dress is a must from day to night.

10. Blue Sleeveless Lace Appliques Prom Mermaid Gown

For a unexpected whimsy of alluring tulle blends with lace edge on the bodice, this stun evening dress features delicate lace appliques, soft fabric, and mermaid skirt. With its flattering silhouette, this elegant dress surely won’t remain in the closet for long.

11. Illusion Neckline Blue Floral Embroidery Cocktail Dress

This eDressit cocktail dress takes the party look to the next level. A real showstopper, featuring embroidery bodice and pleated tea-length skirt. Wear it with strappy heels to accentuate the look.

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Tips to Wash a Formal Beaded Dress

Beaded dresses, including beaded blue long evening dresses A-line, sheath or mermaid are sparkling and attractive.

However, when it comes to wash such a dress, many women are nervous for fear that the beads will come loose or fall off. Although most formal beaded gowns do not get too messy or sweaty, there are times when they just need to be cleaned. fabrics cannot be dry-cleaned and must be washed at home. If you have only a few spots, washing a gown is not that difficult. Washing the entire beaded gown does not have to be difficult, either. Simply take your time, and soon your dress will look like new. 

Things You’ll Need

*Tub or large sink


*Read the washing instructions on the label. They might say “dry-clean only”–in that case, take it to your regular dry-cleaner. If the gown doesn’t have any washing instructions, that can be more difficult.

*Check out what fabric is used to make the dress. If it is made from silk, acetate, rayon or wool, it should be dry-cleaned. If not, it might be OK to wash the dress at home.

*Lay the dress on the floor on top of a large towel or sheet.

Washing the Entire Dress

*Fill a bathtub or large sink with cold water.

*Add a mild, liquid detergent that is recommended for use with hand-washing. A popular brand is Wool-Lite. You also can use dishwashing soap.

*Submerge the gown in the water. You can leave it there for a few minutes or get started right away with the washing process.

*Use a washcloth to carefully and softly scrub at spots you see. If they are tiny spots between beads, use a soft toothbrush.

*Rinse the dress several times to ensure that all the soap gets out of it.

*Lay the dress on a large towel, and place another towel on top. Press firmly to get as much excess water out as possible.

*Lay the dress on another dry towel to dry it completely. & Warnings

Do not run water over the dress to rinse it. The stream of water could dislodge some beads. Instead, fill the tub or sink with water while the dress is pushed away from the faucet, then submerge the dress again.

So, rest assured to buy your favorite formal beaded dresses.


2017 cocktail dresses with lace appliques
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