eDressit 2017 S/S Campaign – Delicate & Luxury

eDressit 2017 S/S New Arrivals come in full force!eDressit designs new dresses for every woman who seeks for a classic look. You can experience in advance the stunning fashion sense by seeing the 2017 S/S campaign video and the new arrivals.

Every dress is designed nicely and exquisitely. eDressit haute couture bring customers wordwide exciting surprise and super experience. Your time to feel the luxury detail and the fashion power. Suggest: best selling dresses , long evening dresses.

1) The Lost Princess of OZ

Oh, Princess.

You slap lions &defeat witches,

You help fake wizards get clean,

You dry their tears on your fair dress

Ever had courage and confidence

To truly take yourself home.

You Queen of Oz.

Inspired by “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, their essence and poise, we
advanced our designs to something unfamiliar yet extraordinary.

2) Noble Forest Faery

Every girl has a dream to be princess and fairy. This dress makes you be. The sophisticated floral arrangements along the body of the gowns are made to replicate the captivating sense of strolling through royal flower gardens.

3) Sparkling New and Distinctive

All red, all distinctive. Every party of the dress is treasure. Princess ball silhouette and extreme elegance feeling lead the fashion way.

4) Dramatic & Flattering Details

Set the tone for the season in statement, we embrace sumptuous textures, dramatic lace, and distinctive beaded embellishment – all anything-but-ordinary details.

5) Bring the Chill

As delicate as a dewdrop and enigmatic as the midnight sky. Though the winter fog creeps in and the earth is bare; at her touch flowers bloom.

Each dress is classic for its existence. Across the way, we flaunt striking femininity in fashions for the season’s best dresses, featuring  with sophisticated embroidery, vibrant beadings, & vivid appliques. You have thousands of reasons to wow them. I am one of you!

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