2017 Hot Style Prom Dress Styles Delight Your Look

With the pace of fashion, people seem to prefer those simple, pure and refined things. Prom dress, as a special occasion outfit, has become one of the wider range of choices for ladies who is going to participate in party or banquet. At the same time of life enjoyment and the pursuit of fashion, women are more willing to show their own self-confidence, positive and friendly side. And that’s the very best testimony of our development of living.

 So, when you choose the dress, be sure to consider your own personality, and what you want to show in personality charm. However, a variety of options are easy to make you dazzled. So, here and now, I hope these recommendations of hot dresses can be a kind of help, at least, no matter what you choose, it will make you radiant and become a different, low-key and elegant lady.

spaghetti straps burgundy lace party-dress designspaghetti straps burgundy lace party-dress designelegant sleeveless lace applique grey formal dressedressit white trumpet long sleeve evening dress wedding gownelegant long sleeves illusion neck long formal evening dressFashion never stops. In limited youthful days, you should treat yourself better.

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How to Maintain Your Prom Dress?

No matter how you feel at the party with your prom dress, you have to face a problem, that is how to maintain your dress in order to let it still shine and new.

Yes, prom is not as impactful as your wedding day but, it is still a very important milestone in your life. We know that you love your prom dress, and you want it to last an entire lifetime as a memory of your special occasion, so how do you ensure that it does? Caring for your dress is extremely important, eDressit and I are here with our tips on preserving your prom dress for as long as your heart desires.


When you bring home your dress, make sure that you allow it room to breathe. Be sure that nothing is rubbing on the dress so that it does not wrinkle. If your dress does wrinkle, you need to make sure to get the wrinkles out before your special day.

Most prom shops will give you a final steaming the day before your event. If not, call your local dry cleaner and see how much it would cost to get it pressed.  Another great trick is to put your dress on a hanger and hang it on the back of the bathroom door. Turn your shower water on the hottest temperature, close the bathroom door, and let it steam for about 15 minutes. The wrinkles will vanish.

Beautiful dresses recommendation:

sweetheart beaded sleeveless formal dresses2017 mermaid prom dresses


After wearing your dress, it should be dry cleaned before you store it. Stains can occur (even if seemingly invisible) and will ultimately ruin your dress. The longer that you wait to fix the stain, the more time that it has to soak in and ruin your dress. Look for a cleaner that specializes in dresses and gowns!

Tip: If you decided to get a spray tan, do it a day or two before so you can wash it off the residue before you step into your beautiful gown. This will ensure less staining.  Also, pack a Tide stick in your prom clutch as they truly do work wonders and you can tackle the stain on the spot.

After your event and before you put your dress away into storage, be sure to get it dry cleaned first.  Store your dress in a cool and dry place and do not store anywhere damp or hot (as this may deteriorate or discolor your dress).  Also, try to not store your dress in areas that have a lot of natural sunlight, as that can severely discolor your dress over time.  Check your gown regularly to ensure that it is not damaged.  An excellent storage place is the top shelf of your closet.  Lay your dress flat in a sealed box or garment bag. Places to avoid are attacks, basements and storage units.


Stains are the worst! Treat your stain ASAP.

First, identify your stain.

Makeup → Dampen your stain using a warm towel and then lightly press a color safe bleach or liquid detergent into the stain. Wash the garment in warm water, and hang to dry.

Grass/Outdoor → Use alcohol to wipe off the fabric, then apply a chlorine bleach to your remaining stain (make sure it is color safe).

Grease → Wash the garment in warm water, place the stain down on paper towels and rub dry with liquid pretreatment spray. After this is complete, wash in warm water and hang to dry.

Sweat → Use a damp bar of soap on the stained area, then apply a liquid detergent to the stain and wash it.

At the end of the day, if your stain is really bad, we recommend bringing your dress to a professional. Just ask for a spot cleaning, it won’t hurt the pocket as much and it will ensure the life of your dress. Suggest: long A line dress with sleeves

Forwarding this article to let more peope know. This way, you can also find how to maintain your dress ASAP when you need.

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She Still Love These Things as Valentine Gift

Women are emotional animals, they are willing to pay for everything they love. Even if it is a little bit of return, can make them feel happy and no regret. If you cherish such a woman who is willing to live life long with you, please do something for her. Valentine’s Day is such a holiday and an opportunity, that make your love known by each other. As a man, give her something she loves to express love. Although the flowers, chocolate is already the vulgar things on Valentine’s Day, they will still make your wife/girlfriend glad. In addition to these, there are other things that can capture her heart, are you willing to try it? Related: Have you prepared valentines day dresses or gifts?

1. Card:
A Valentine’s Day card is just simply the most perfect way of expressing yourself. You write everything down that you feel on the card and let her know that she’s the most important lady in your life. However, remember: don’t buy a card from the stores, make it yourself so that it is that much more special for her.

2. Music:
If you’re good with music and you’re good with her then you’ll probably have a good idea of the kind of music she loves. Treat her on Valentine’s Day by buying her the latest album of her favorite artist, we assure you that she’ll love it.

3. Perfume:
One of the most luxurious gifts that you can give to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Just pick a fragrance that both you and your partner love. A good idea could be to check on the perfume your woman uses to get an idea of what she likes.

4. Jewelry:
Another one of the more luxurious gifts that you can get for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. This is a gift that she’ll cherish and remember for a long time. With jewelry, you have a lot of choice. You can buy anything from a necklace to a ring. A few good ideas could be to get a heart-shaped pendant or a charm bracelet.

5. Body Care:
Women love to take care of bodies and this is the ideal opportunity for you to help along with this. Bubble baths, scented lotions, fairness creams, and scented soaps are all examples of body care products that you can buy for your lady on Valentine’s Day. Pamper her, praise her, and be proud of her.

6. Formal Dress
This is an all-time favorite gift among women. They simply love it when they are gifted a dress by their men. Valentine dresses for girls can be very practical for women who will take part in different occasions one year. They are glad to show the elegant and fashion looks.

Recommend: A-line prom dresses with lace appliques , 2017 blue long evening dresses 


7. Digital Photo Frame:
Women love gifts that they can cherish in the long term. Pick out the best pictures that the two of you have together and arrange them together in a Digital Photo Frame. Give it to her as a gift and she’ll keep it with her forever. Wrap it up nicely and ensure that it has a message of love attached to it.

8. Watch
A watch is probably the most popular gifts that you can to give out, on any occasion, to your wife. If she has no a watch, buy her one.

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What Is a Maxi Dress?

In current society, maxi dress is common and popular. It is a kind of flowing, long dress. It has many features, including tank top style, halter style straps, or fitted top with high waist. Maxi dress is comfortable to wear. Maxi dress has different types, such as A-line evening dresses, empire waist prom dresses, etc.


Because a maxi dress is intended for summer, the top portion of the dress reflects that. Tank top style straps are common, in varying widths. Halter straps that tie around the back of the neck are also popular, or strapless options exist as well. For women with a larger figure, tank top style straps are generally the best option. A maxi dress will generally feature a fairly high waist as well, which is what makes it a great maternity choice, though also helps to make it feel loose and comfortable. The dress can be paired with a simple sweater or cardigan for cooler weather.

This style of dress is available in many different colors and designs, from basic solid colors to bright floral patterns. Prices range depending on the materials used to make the dress. Though the dress is very long, it should generally not cover the shoes, so it is a good idea to match them to the colors in the dress if possible. People generally wear flats with a maxi dress for everyday wear, but heels or wedges can also look nice, particularly for shorter women who can be dwarfed by such a long skirt. In general, a maxi dress is a great, versatile piece to add to a wardrobe.

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Same Style Different Color Prom Dresses, Which Is Your Fave?

Those prom evening dresses with great fabric, trendy styles and suitable fashion sense you are looking for, are what you need to consider for certain prom and party. Browse and choose the one fit you best. 

By the way, read history of prom dresses here, you can know dress trend better.

1. Halter Neck Long Prom Dresses:

They feature delicate embroidery with beads and crisscross back straps. The bodice is beautifully adorned with hollowed design which expose its feminien look all the time.

2. Off Shoulder Tea Length Ball Cocktail Dresses:

For a touch of sassy meets sophistication you’ll adore these vintage tea length dresses – a totally chic addition to your party wardrobe. Features include a small v cut on the neck, off shoulder style together with a flower embroidery on the skirt. Use the petticoat to adds a more flattering look.

3. Elegant Off Shoulder Long Mermaid Evening Dresses:

The storyteller is whimsical and romantic, like a fairy. Featuring with sexy off-shoulder bodice and mermaid skirt with small train which emerge so much feminine look. All eyesights will be upon you in this elegant style!

4.Sleeveless Plunging V Neck Evening Prom Dresses:

This is one look you’ll absolutely want to be caught red handed in! If you’re going for a subtle-sexy vibe at your next party, we suggest this long and elegant number. Features include, a plunging illusion-neckline with an open back and a sweep train that illuminates the elegance of this party-perfect long dress!

5. Purple Prom Gown with Illusion Sweetheart Neck:

They feature a beautiful illusion neckline in a sweetheart shape, a breathtaking back that is embellished with beautiful beading and embroidery. These beaded sparkling gowns are hottest in both domestic and internationl.

6.Sleeveless Long Evening Dresses with Stylish Cutouts:

All of the details perfectly combine to create a look that is especially tailored to your style-conscious desires. Features include a sleeveless style with a beautiful cutout bodice, a figure-flattering waistband, and a breathtaking illusion back! Complete you look with a chic clutch from eDressit!

7. Sleeveless Beaded Illusion Bodice Prom Dresses:

With so many parties coming up, it’s the perfect time to experiment with daring and glamorous evening prom dresses, like these dresses from eDressit! They feature a sparkling beaded illusion bodice, which flows beautifully to the skirt, definitely making you a head-turner. Also, you can know some sequin bridesmaid dresses new trends by the way.

8. Off Shoulder High Slit Formal Evening Dresses:

Make it a night to remember with these gorgeous numbers from eDressit! Featuring with sexy off-shoulder bodice and high slit skirt which emerge so much feminine look. You can wear it for your summer occasions, like prom, vacation or any other stylish party!

Like and see more details by clicking the pictures, then you can get entrances to other dresses with same style different colors. So, when seeing them all, which one is your fave?

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History of Prom Dresses Help You Know the Trend

Apart from the wedding dress, the prom dress is the most iconic dress in American culture. The entirety of the high school experience is encapsulated in prom night. All the anxieties, joy and friendships come together to from an unforgettable event. Prior to the 1950s, prom was a simple affair and the dress code was your “Sunday Best.” After the post-war boom, it became so much more. See how the prom dress was evolved throughout the decades!

1950s Classic Features

The birth of the Teenages

Distinct bust (scandalous for time), narrow waist

Voluminous, bell-shaped gown.

The term “teenager” did not exist prior to WWLL. Prom blossomed with the birth of this age group.


 These dresses resembled the frothy, massive, flowing growns of debutante balls, however they look on a youthful and engaging aesthetic.

1960s Classic Features

The decade of the mini skirt

Low necklines, close-fitting waists.

Skirts that went to knee level, as oppsed to floor level.

Because of The beatles, the “mod” style from Britain was all the rage.

The 1960s focused on elegance and simple geometric design. The low necklines and miniskirts symbolized the rebellious coming of age in the latter harlf of the decade.  More vintage knee length party dresses here.



1970s Classic Features

The decade of the Hippie

Peek-a-boo shoulders, empire waistline.

Maxi-length gowns, long and straight. No frills or puffiness

The flower child style became popular as an affront to the consumerism of the 50s and 60s.

The 1970s were built out of rebellion, and it showed with the style of the times. The traight and flowing dresses were direct statements against the showy dresses of their parents generation.

1980s Classic Features

The decade of Decadance

Shoulder pads, tight and narrow waist.

Sequins and ruffles.

Prom reached the height of its fame, as a defining coming-of-age moment for a whole generation.

With pretty in pink and other John Hughes movies in prom was reborn as the quintessential “best night of your life” The bustling economy alowed for extravagant style as we as limousines to ride to the prom in style.

1990s Classic Features

The decade of the Model

High neckline with exposed hsoulders. Narrow waist slip dress inspired look.

Simple shapes, no ruffles.

Halter and slip dresses made “heroin chic” a popular look.

The designer boom in Europe heavily inspired the 90s A refined elegance was the trend of the times. Solid colors and simple dresses were the foundation of this posh era.

Sexy Velvet Spaghetti Black Tie Evening Dress

2000s Classic Features

The decade of the Starlet

Shoulders open, flowing and graceful gowns, waistline follows a variety of trends.

Charmeuse or satin dresses

Teenagers showed rebellion through wearing converse or other sneekers to prom.

In the new millennium, prom dresses tend to follow the fashion trends of celebrities on the red carpet. in addition, the trends of the 60s-90s are beginning to blend and are all very popular for the current generation.



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