Allure Black Dress, How Many You Know?

black dress with allure charm

Black is a classic and forever color to show allurement and cool. Here, you will see two new arrivals with infinite enticement.

5-20-02153300face show
This black long formal dress is absolutely gorgeous! The sweetheart neckline, delicate lace applique and trumpet skirt are all gorgeous features this gown offers! Sexy and vintage illusion lace back is extremely breathtaking! Go with sleek heels and a sparkling clutch to finish this look!

5-20-02153400back show

Look and feel ultra-sexy in this long black dress by eDressit, features alluring illusion bodice, a hot side slit and a beaded neckline that will dazzle everyone! Wear it for your prom or a glamorous guest of wedding, pair it with a sexy high heels to finish your look!

If you like it, today is your best time to see the details and have them in the wardrobe. 20th May is eDressit 11th anniversary celebration day with 35% off site-wide, the biggest offer this year. If happen see this, you are told to go to see what the dresses look like. When you have a need, you are highly suggested eDressit store. It will never make you down.



On May 20th, What Do Think Will Mn Buy for Women?

If you know a little Chinese, you will find a surpring coincidence: May 20th is homophonic to “I LOVE YOU” in Chinese. Do you know that? So, what do you think should men buy for women?

Now, i have these anwers already:

a bunch of flowers with chocolate: love you to my dying day

 As we all know that flowers and chocklate are romantic gift to send. It symbols love and expression. To every girl, it will be a sweet gift. May 20th will be the memorable day to both. This gift is common and forever right.

a nifty dress: happy all life

Care her from what she is wearing and hope she can be happy, honor and also confident. A dress means a lot that day. Practical and affordable dress is the best choice all of us want to have. So, know dress details, such as type, fashion dress trend, her suitable color and also the proper price.

a pair of shoes: guard against evil and bring good fortune

Bring her good fortune from the toe. Shoes are also nice gift and should be sent to your lover. Match with beautiful outfit, she can have a stunning look and happy mood. It also said to have the power to guard against evil. Protect her and give her good luck.

a purse: bring in wealth and riches

Exquisite purse can not only be beautiful but also meaningful. It symbols wealth and riches. Everyone will like this gift.

a dinner: well-fed and well-clothed

Happy and romantic dinner is unforgettable moment, belong to both of you. Dinner time is also the most suitable way to be together, talking, laughing.

a watch: complete conformity

Time is the most absolutely fair and forever thing. It will witness your love in every moment. By give your time to her and spending together the remaining time, love can be eternal.

Other gifts? Let’s think together.

By way, do not miss this if for dress:

Just 2 Days Left to 20th May Site-Wide 35% Off

20th May is an important and meaningful day to eDressit. Now, just 2 days left to 20th. Have your selected your dresses well? If not, you are told to snatch your time. All dresses there will be sold in 35% off price that day. And the free shipping dresses still be attached free shipping tags, which will save you a lot.

2 days left to 20th May

Its site-wide dresses not only inclue best selling dresses, but also those new arrival beading dresses. Before 15th May, these new dresses are all presale. This is also the first time that these new beading dresses onsale. This year, 35% off site-wide is the biggest offer.

Let us see these beaded prom dress evening dresses free shipping.

Gorgeous Sleeveless Beaded Blue Prom Dress

Strapless Sweetheart Hot Pink Beaded Prom Gown

Strapless Sweetheart Beaded Beige Prom Dress

Strapless Sweetheart Beaded Blue Prom Gown

Strapless Sweetheart Beaded Prom Gown

Sleeveless Beaded Bodice Coral Prom Dress

Gorgeous Strapless Sweetheart Beaded Prom Dress

Beaded Capped Sleeves Beige Prom Gown
Except these dresses, best selling dresses still onsale with affordable price. If you use one of them in the future, buy one at this moment. Fashion dresses with eternal style can work better than we have imagined. So, do not ignore:


Fan Bingbing on Cannes International Film Festival With Goddess Look

Do you like this set of photos of Fan Bingbing on 68th Cannes International Film Festival? Soft and floral dress shows her personality best. Fairy like, super apperance.

If you want to have a such stunning and perfect look, you are told to choose a fashion and suitable formal dress. Every person has its own suitable style and charm. As with you, customized dresses are the better interpretation of your own and sole style. Maybe, your dress is here waiting and what you lack is just the chance to know. Now, try eDressit online store, where thousands of patterns dresses are provided. Each of them is well sold.

To thank you for your continue support, eDressit will hold its 11th anniversary celebration on 20th May. Then you can enjoy 35% off site-wide. New arrival dresses are also provided at the cheapest price this year.

We have our own special ways to present the fashion. If you trust us, we will be very thrilled and make the most satisfied dresses for each of you.

More information about super sale:

What Are the Wedding Details Should Get Down?

Every bride will face the problem about “wedding details”. The details can be in many aspects. Before this step, you should do a perfect preparation on your budget, guest number, bridesmaids number, photographer, theme, wedding style, etc. Then when you consider the wedding details, you should know where to find a dress,  who to be a part of your wedding and what their dresses, and others. Let us see.

As with the dresses, there will be the most core focus on a wedding. Wedding dress, groom outfit, guest dress and also the bridesmaid dress. Wedding dress shopping can be fun but most places take up four to six months to have your dress shipped to your door. This is the last thing you want to worry about. Remember, there are alterations that may need to happen as well. Instead of going to a shop that special orders go to the bridal stores that carry multiple dresses in stock. Try to find a dress off the rack that doesn’t need to be ordered. You don’t have time for constant fittings. Remember that when trying things on. Sometimes that awesome dress seems a lot less awesome when you are dress-less on your wedding day or bald from pulling your hair out.

Dresses that lace up the back are easier to fit and will require fewer trips to the seamstress. You may need to drive to a large city or international supplier to find a store with diverse sizes and samples. If you don’t want to take friends or family there, you can finish your selection online. This process is difficult but very vital. So, if there is a reliable supplier, eg eDressit, there will be an easy job for you. Comfortable, fashion, suitable and affordable will the key part when you select the dress.

Decide who you want to be a part of your wedding and then ask them.
Consider nixing the traditional bridal party. Ask one close family member to stand with the bride and one with the groom. The maid of honor can wear one of her dresses or cocktail dresses and the best man can wear a suit. Even if you have four sisters, just explain and let them know you can only have one. Ask you mother to stand with you. You really don’t need all the maids, junior brides maids, flower girls, ring bearers, etc. Keep it super simple. Remember, the more people you ask, the more money and time it will cost in the long run.
Pick out the bridesmaids’ dresses. Like wedding dresses, these can take a long time to come in and choose the corresponding size to your bridesmaids. If you still have no idea, go to eDressit. They’ll save alteration expenses and the minor details won’t be a major problem if they don’t use a good tailor/seamstress.

Schedule a time for the groomsmen to be measured for tuxedos or suits. Tuxedo measurements require multiple measurements and they are required to get the best fit. If they live out of town they can be measured by their nearest tuxedo rental shop and the measurements can be sent to your local tuxedo shop.

Meet with a few different photographers. Most photographers are busy and have limited schedules. But if you start early, your date is more likely to be available. Consider asking a friend whom you know takes great pictures. You may have to sacrifice the posed photos since those take practice to set up.

For dresses, no matter they are wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses or other reception dresses, you can go to eDressit store. Now, two great sales are on the air. and

Which Dress Do You Prefer If the Same Price?

Now, i am writing something about eDressit two dresses. Both them are stunning and great in quality and effect to show elegance and femininity. For parties, they are all suitable and amazing. However, budget requires us to select just one piece. If so, which one is your choice?

Both dresses are strapless, with fashion pattern and stulish design. However, they have different details. The blue cocktail dress has lace appliques around neckline and waist, creating and gorgeous and formfitting silhouette. The chamapagne dress has pleated bodice, sweetheart neckline and also tencel fabric. They are all sold in $19.9 now in the page:

It is real that they are so cheap. Also, on 20th May in eDressit store, there will a 35% off site-wide to every customer: This is the biggest offer this year to celebrate eDressit 11th anniversary. If you happen to have a need or there will be future parties, you are told to see whether they are in your beloved patterns. As with the whole price, more orders, more discounts. Those bridesmaid dresses with free shipping tags are still free shipping even with 35% discounts.

The two dresses are now sold. If you like one of them, you are told to choose right now in case they are sold out. To me, i prefer the blue one, but the champagne is my sister’s favorite. So, i will buy both.

Would Like to Enjoy Whole Site 35% Off on 20th May?

If i tell you now there is a whole site 35% off price, would you like to try?

All of us want to buy dresses with cheap price, high quality and better with some attractive elements. Being Practical may be the first thing we need to consider. As a research shows that most hot sale things on b2b or b2c sites are those which in low price, mostly under 20 or 30$.


As we all know that summer is a time for thin layer of clothing, most of which need no such a high price. More people think that if add cost, shipping fair, profit together, 100 $ is enough. However, these outfits are common to see and really requires luck to have a really practical one. In most occasions, the result of our selection are dazzled eyes, giving up what we are selecting and leave it tommorow. What i want to say is that when we are choosing a clothes, we always spend too much time and energy. Though cheap, high cost performance ratio is hardly to reach. If it is not the same as we ever thought or does’t reach our expectations, disappoint mood will make us dumb, even crazy.

However, it is totally different essence to buy those dresses on sale. But always it is hard. For less chance to hold and less chance to know. But if happens to be a sale there, you’d better not miss it. That means you get the right chance to have it with cheaper price. The same quality, the same effect but only less cost. It is for sure a thing everyone wants to encounter.

Now, it happen to have a super sale on 20th May, a homonymic day to “I Love You”. If it offers whole site 35% off price, you are told to have a look what it is and how to take part in, maybe a big surprise there.

You decide whether to buy: anniversary celebration sale

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