Cocktail Dresses and Accessories for Your Summer Guest Look

The newlyweds are of course the stars of their event. This is how they choose with the utmost care their outfits, a white wedding dress that will distinguish the queen of the party and a perfectly cut wedding dress to highlight the groom. This does not mean that guests can not also show elegance. Invited to a marriage ? Wearing a beautiful accessorized evening dress will even be a way to honor this invitation.

eDressit Sleeveless Pink Beaded Prom Evening Gown

Because it is not every day that we go to a garden party, we decided to gather for you clothes and accessories adapted to this type of event. You answered yes to this wedding invitation? Read on for more tips.

Adapt your dress to the style of the event

The creative announcement of your loved ones indicates garden party, well, but concretely, what does it mean? While this term usually refers to a rather formal reception in the form of a buffet outside, not all garden parties have the same degree of formality.

If you can be sure that the event will take place outdoors and in a garden, the bride and groom may have opted for a chic and dressed up atmosphere or for a more casual country wedding decor.

Ask before buying your outfit! Also, find out if the bride and groom are considering a classic or more modern wedding to be in the bill. For a refined garden party, opt for a long evening dress.

For a more relaxed outdoor wedding, a short cocktail dress will do the trick. Finally, if you want to bring a touch of modernity to your outfit, bet on the trend of the moment: the jumpsuit.

Dare the color

Who says reception outside said good weather said colors! The newlyweds will greatly appreciate that you display colorful outfits and accessories for their event. A wedding is an opportunity to meet and rejoice and better forget your little black dress for a day.

If you want to be at the forefront of the trend, do not hesitate to choose one of the colors of the moment for your guest outfit by picking lemon yellow, bright red, fuchsia pink, orange carrot or peach and green sage for wiser tones.

We do not forget the accessories!

Do not forget to combine your dress or combination with a pretty wedding hair accessory and other accessories essential to the success of your outfit. Of course, think of matching these complementary pieces to your clothes.

 Regarding shoes, we advise you to take into account the terrain where the event will take place. Who says garden says soft surface in which may sink your heels! So do not choose shoes with stilettos and prefer wider heels or sneakers for example, trendy shoes particularly suited to the atmosphere of a garden party.

Also enjoy this reception in the open to choose open shoes and dress your nails with a beautiful varnish.

When it comes to handbags, opt for the more chic clutch, and do not be afraid of the floral motifs that will suit perfectly and will undoubtedly marry elegantly with the country bouquets and other floral arrangements planned by the bride and groom.

The disadvantage of receptions outside is that a blow of hot is quickly arrived. The advantage is that you now have an excuse found to offer you an elegant hat to complete your outfit in style! Think of the capelines, boaters and other straw hats by hanging a ribbon in the colors of your dress or combination and you’re ready for this garden party.

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