Eight Wedding Dress Neckline Styles

There’s huge variety of cheap wedding dresses which, for most people, are not really familiar with. So here’s a basic guide to wedding dress styles from eDressit, hope you can find it useful.

Generally, when you choose a wedding, five parts should be paid attention to: silhouette, sleeves, bodice, neckline and train. Among the, the neckline is the most complex part and very noticeable. There are 8 styles, Off-the-Shoulder, Portrait, Sweetheart, Bateau, Halter, Scoop, Illusion and V-Neck.


Off-The-Shoulder and Portrait are similar, the only difference is there’s an additional fabric in Portrait to cover the shoulders.


Sweetheart: Shaped like the top half of a heart, it’s a great option for fuller-chested women.


Bateau: This shape is cut straight across, following the curve of the collarbone to almost the tip of the shoulders.


Halter: The halter wraps around the back of the neck, creating deep armholes. The halter is often paired with a backless style, creating a very sexy look.


Scoop: The classic scoop is a U-shaped neckline, and flatters almost all body types. For a sexier look, it can be cut low. The scoop will often continue on the back of the dress. For wedding dress, a little scoop adds much more elegance.


Illusion: Sheer fabric and embroidery appliques decorated on the neckline part. Add an air of magic and mystery to your dress with delicate illusion details. Such wedding dresses manage to be both soft and feminine while also discretely sexy.



V-Neck: This neckline dips in the front into a V-shape. Since it de-emphasizes the bustline, this neckline is good for B or C cups.


Note: all dresses above are from eDressit.

Wedding day is the most important day in everyone’s life. It’s the day that everyone’s attention is focused on the bride. So a successful wedding can always start from the simple elegant wedding dresses which will make the bride the most beautiful woman in the world. Choose the most fitted wedding dress to complete a beautiful look.


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