Count eDressit 2016 S/S Dresses – Choose to Fabulous

If you lack the opportunity to be gorgeous and fabulous, eDressit 2016 S/S series dresses will be a great chance. Let’s count these gorgeous and exquisite dresses together.

The first: All beaded blue dress

 No one can resist the charm of fashion. This blue dress with very delicate craftsmanship will bring every femininity sense back. You can be classic, elegant, allure and also sexy with this dress. Beads on it were hand sewn in up to ten days by eDressit workers and the embroidery is also pure handmade. Stunning design and perfect showcase of this dress will make you the queen of the party. Will also give you a memorable experience. Choose to be fabulous with super quality fabric and sexy back design.

The Second: Three-dimensional embroidery flower evening dress

 Till now, less dresses would attract our eyesights like these dresses here. Details always the best to showcase its quality feeling and value. If you don’t understand this sentense before thoroughly, now you will get it. These gowns are both simple elegant in pattern but sophisticated in details. Three-dimensional embroidery flowers will make it distinguished from other common evening dresses. To make this effect, dress makers used seventeen types lines. So, dress is very delicate and exquisite, just choose to be fabulous with these flower evening dresses.

The third: Luxury beadings and embroidery

At the same time dresses when bring you elegant and gorgeousnees, they are also luxury and exquisite in details. Beadings on the above blue dress and other dresses are sparkling and effective to show noble, outstanding sense. Fashion designs with sophisticated embroidery, pleats are what they feature and highlights. You should be clear with what you exactly want.

The fourth: Delicate lace detail evening dresses

We have to admit that ace details can better express the infinite elegance and grace we are all the time seeking for. Now, this is the entrance for you to experience such grace and elegance. Lace embroidery with beads are best applied in the dress’s craftsmanship. Many times, women need lace details, so enjoy the special elegance and delicacy they bring.

Above dresses are part of eDressit 2016 S/S campain, see more at

Be fabulous from here, girls. You deserve any of them.

View eDressit 2016 S/S Campaign video, here:

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