Dress What Your Role Is at Wedding

In this 2016 trend, wedding bride, bridesmaids, guests need to prepare 2016 style dresses to make it suitable and fashion. Whether you are the bride and groom looking to seduce the toughest guests with a limited budget, or wedding guest who wants to achieve an impressive look while remaining sober, here are some easy tips and original.
But be careful before selecting his favorite cut & color, there are some questions to ask:
– When the wedding will take place?
– What is your role in this event?
– What is the wedding theme or are there a dress code requested?
Featured dresses: long bridesmaid dresses , elegant floor length evening dresses

You are the bride
You have enrolled in the calendar year 2015 or 2016 to get married? Congratulations !!! And now you have done the planning for preparing your wedding and spent the realization of the announcement, it’s time to choose her outfit! Not like winter wedding dress that is usually characterized by the layered bouffant skirt effect, heavy fabrics and sophisticated embroidery, the perfect wedding dress for spring or summer is rather simple and fluid. By cons, to add a touch of originality and achieve an impressive look, we have to adopt the original designs, like a pretty neckline or the asymmetric neckline …

You are invited
You are invited to the wedding? Super !!! No need to cram the head because the models bridesmaid dresses does not change often. Long strapless or asymmetrical collar solid color will do! Praise married and prepare original entertainment for the wedding day. By cons, it’s not so easy to find, from thousands of models, excellent chic wedding dress, if you want to dress smart but sober at the time. The sexy neckline and the dress too short to be avoided! Better to take the color “nude” which is very wise but definitely in the air of time, out of the ordinary with exquisite details. If you are going to act as a bridesmaid, you need to cooperate with other bridesmaids. Your dresses can be in the same amazing color or colorful to be rich. Whichever style and theme to take, make sure the dress is very suitable, comfortable and not too bright and gorgeous.

You are the witness
Great, you can take part in the wedding and witness a start of happiness. Your guest dresses need to be also elegant and suitable. You can wear vintage tone or modern style dresses to show your personality, but not too gorgeous and imperfect. You are also important to the whole wedding level.

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