Be a Perfect Bridesmaid With This Checklist

Hi, wedding is important to each bride. So, when it is your turn to be a bridesmaid for friends, you need to know something you must haves in the wedding. Of course, bridesmaids dresses 2015 styles are required to make the ceremony inspired and memorable this year. Stresses are running high the day of the wedding, make sure you pack everything before hand with this helpful checklist that tells you everything you’ll need for the big day.

· Bridesmaid Dress
· Button down or zip up shirt for when you are getting your hair/makeup done
· Proper bra for bridesmaid dress
· Underwear/shape wear
· Heels
· Sandals or sneakers for dancing
·Accessories – Earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings
· Clutch

Wedding Items
· Decorations
· Speech
· Bride’s and Groom’s rings if that’s your responsibility
· Gift and card
· Directions to the venue
· Something old, new, borrowed or blue for the bride

· Tissues
· Safety pins
· Tide pen
· Feminine products
· Make up
· Eye drops
· Toothbrush/paste
· Nail polish + Nail Polish remover
· Brush, comb and hairspray
· Deodorant
· Band-Aids
· False Eyelashes and Glue

· Heel caps for outdoors
· Umbrella
· Overnight bag
· Purse
· Cash
· Cellphone charger
· Mints

When you know well about them, you will have an imagination about the wedding scene. Also, it is helpful to ask for the previous bridesmaids about their duties, experience and the points should be paid attention. Be at ease about this event, just call it a day whatever it happens when you have done your best. Believe that you own the energy than you have known. Well, try and be a perfect bridesmaid from these affordable bridesmaid dresses.

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