Which Dress Do You Prefer If the Same Price?

Now, i am writing something about eDressit two dresses. Both them are stunning and great in quality and effect to show elegance and femininity. For parties, they are all suitable and amazing. However, budget requires us to select just one piece. If so, which one is your choice?

Both dresses are strapless, with fashion pattern and stulish design. However, they have different details. The blue cocktail dress has lace appliques around neckline and waist, creating and gorgeous and formfitting silhouette. The chamapagne dress has pleated bodice, sweetheart neckline and also tencel fabric. They are all sold in $19.9 now in the page: http://www.edressit.com/promo_sale7.html

It is real that they are so cheap. Also, on 20th May in eDressit store, there will a 35% off site-wide to every customer: http://www.edressit.com/anniversary-celebration-sales.html This is the biggest offer this year to celebrate eDressit 11th anniversary. If you happen to have a need or there will be future parties, you are told to see whether they are in your beloved patterns. As with the whole price, more orders, more discounts. Those bridesmaid dresses with free shipping tags are still free shipping even with 35% discounts.

The two dresses are now sold. If you like one of them, you are told to choose right now in case they are sold out. To me, i prefer the blue one, but the champagne is my sister’s favorite. So, i will buy both.


Author: edressitlovely

I want to make friends and post what i like. Share and search interesting topics about fashion, beauty, dress etc.

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